Volunteers Required: Neighbourhood Forum

Leatherhead is now under great pressure to release Green Belt Land so as to take urban expansion from London. When in 2009, the Council agreed to provide so many new homes under the South East Plan – that was for the South East Region – not for the London Region. These target figures relate to the whole of Mole Valley, not just that area in the north of the District. They should have been rejected by our Councillors.

Too many of our organisations in this Town are for the Leatherhead District, including Ashtead and Bookham. Therefore they are not constitutionally able to join forces for the sake of the Town alone. We need to stand together shoulder to shoulder with other members of the Leatherhead Conurbation (to avoid confusion with the word District). So we need 40 or more, honest citizens who care, to come forward NOW and fight a combined defence of our Town in a new Neighbourhood Forum, according to the Localism Act. We cannot trust our Council any longer.

Volunteer now, for the sake of the Town by sending your contact details to me. Hubert Carr (email:hubertcarr@gmail.com)

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