Teazle Wood Update from Lucy Quinnell

Hi everyone

Just to let you know that the campaign is going very well indeed. The support from the local residential and business community (and indeed from further afield – a donation was made yesterday from Australia) has been a wonderful thing to experience. Thanks are owed to many (you know who you are), and I look forward to sharing the whole story further down the line.

I’m also writing to tell you that the Woodland Trust has been incredibly supportive this week, and Teazle Wood has become one of their WOODWATCH featured woodlands. Many thanks to Alice Farr and her colleagues at the Woodland Trust for their help and hard work. Take a look:
Do share this if you can – it will help raise awareness not just of Teazle Wood but of woodland in general. The following comment is from the Woodland Trust’s website:
Why woods matter

Woods, and the trees that make up a vital component of them, are essential to life. They have a myriad of different benefits for both wildlife and people.

They stabilise the soil, generate oxygen, store carbon, play host to a spectacular variety of wildlife, provide us with raw materials and shelter, inspire our imaginations and our creativity.

The almost magical, mystical quality of woods makes them a great place for relaxation and recreation. A walk in the woods can give anyone a feeling of peace and tranquility. Most of us have fond childhood memories of playing on or around trees.

A world without trees and woods would be barren and bare.

Have a good weekend.
All the best

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