Surrey Police: Update from our local Crime Reduction Advisor

Update from our local Crime Reduction Advisor Mr Neil Clarke. To book a free crime reduction survey for your property or business give us a call via 101.
It’s getting darker earlier now and I have made visits in Mole Valley residential streets where it is quite obvious that there is no one at home in many houses; i.e. they are in total darkness.  Ideally, people should consider having timer switches – both upstairs and downstairs to come on at different times to imply that someone is at home.  Recently, I re-visited a home where the owners had installed simple times to mirror their normal movements around their home during the darker evenings.  Brilliant – but even a light downstairs from 4.30pm to 8.00pm and one upstairs from 6.30pm to 9.30pm would be effective.
Also, dusk till dawn lighting at the front of a property conveys the impression of occupancy and removes obvious shadows where an opportunistic burglar could try their luck without being seen.  Dusk till dawn lighting is easy to install and very cheap to run.
We are seeing an increase in rogue traders preying on the elderly and vulnerable – and that always happens as the winter sets in.  Rogue traders know that they can cause alarm by pointing out a leaking gutter or damaged roof tiles and some people will be concerned that the rain (or snow) might get into their homes if they don’t have the “work” done.  I am visiting two victims this week and it is so upsetting when people have been conned out of hundreds of pounds for unnecessary work.
This week, I’m also visiting local hotels and the big message in general to people staying in hotels is:  If you are staying at a hotel, use the safe in your room and don’t leave things around as you would do at home and we’ve seen quite a lot of high value items go missing during overnight or conference stays.  If the items were in a secure safe then at least the hotel’s insurance would be likely to cover some of the loss!!

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