Surrey Police: Theft from Motor Vehicles

Dear all,

I would inform you that there were some vehicles broken into overnight last night in the South Leatherhead area and we are in the process of investigating these.

I think this would be a timely reminder for everyone to ensure that you do not leave any valuables in your vehicles when parked, even on your own driveway.  This includes items such as SatNavs, bags, phones, parcels, expensive coats, and even any change that you may leave in the centre console.  You should not leave valuables in your glove compartment either as this is the first place thieves look if they access your vehicle.  SatNav cradles should be removed from your vehicle when not in use and the ring mark cleaned from your glass as this advertises to everyone that you have a SatNav and that it may be hidden somewhere in your vehicle.

Also, please ensure that your vehicle is locked even when parking on your driveway as your insurance company may not accept your claim if your vehicle is found to be insecure.

Please do not be too concerned as this type of crime, and crime as a whole is very low in Mole Valley at the present time.  I would be grateful if you could pass this message onto people that you may know even if they live outside of the area.

If you notice anything suspicious please call us on 101 or in an emergency 999.

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