Surrey Police: Easter Weeekend

With the Easter weekend approaching I thought it would be appropriate to remind everybody about security. 

I am not sure the weather is nice enough to have windows open yet but if you are going out for the day, or going away over the weekend please do not forget your home security.  Please check your windows and doors are shut and locked, also if you have anything which you feel may be enticing to potential thieves such as laptops, tablets, telephones, etc please put these out of sight. 

Also think about your car security.  Do not leave, SatNavs, phones or bags on view in your car.  Take valuable items with you, that way you know they are safe.  Try to park in a public place.

If you are using bicycles please ensure you lock them to something rigid such as a lamppost when out and about, and at home make sure they are locked in a garage or shed which also has a suitable lock on the outside, and cover shed windows etc.

Have a great weekend, and if you need to contact police call 101 or 999 in an emergency.

Robert Apperley

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