Surrey Police: Can you Help? Reporting Fly-tipping

Surrey Police websiteWe are seeing an increase in reports of fly-tipping across Mole Valley.  This seems to be happening in several locations and we’d really like to disrupt this type of activity as soon as possible.

If you see anyone dumping rubbish etc…., please call in on 999 at the time you see it, giving as much information as possible – location, vehicle index, description of anyone involved etc..  In fact, any information that may help us to tackle this issue and deal with the offenders.

You will probably realise that this type of anti-social activity always comes at a cost to someone to clear the fly-tipped rubbish; be that the Council, the National Trust or individuals whose land or property may have been targeted. 

Please help us to put a stop to this now!!
Thank you.

If you need to contact us in the meantime, you can reach us on

Tel: 101

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