Save South Leatherhead

We are local residents who live in the south of Leatherhead. We enjoy living here because Leatherhead is an urban area set in very special countryside.  So imagine our horror when we found that developers have suggested to Mole Valley District Council that they re-draw the green belt boundary south of Windmill Drive and Yarm Way; beyond Downs Lane and all around Givons Grove. 

If this land is released from the green belt then developers  will build housing estates of literally hundreds and hundreds of houses. The implications for Leatherhead residents are serious and time scale very short – just a few months.  
We have therefore set up a campaign to fight this and we ask for your support.  We need to work together so we can demonstrate to the Councillors that we are united and, hopefully, a force to be reckoned with.  We:

  • send out briefing notes (so people understand the issues)
  • send up-dates so people know what is going on
  • ask people to write personal, well informed letters.
  • all share information together
  • answer questions as they arise.
  • pursue a technical side with experts in different aspects of planning.
  • liaise with relevant local and national organisations.
If you would like to know more, or, if you would be willing to help by writing a letter please email Irene and Ian on
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