River walk

Friday, 8 August 2008

Last Saturday afternoon around 5pm my wife and I decided to stroll down to the cricket club to see the last few overs. We cut through Randalls Road to the river and walked along where the old Ronson football pitches used to be. As we made our way to the town I realised why I originally thought this was the pathway being improved. Fighting the undergrowth, mainly stinging nettles, we finally arrived at the town bridge and looked forward to the next stage to Thorncroft. We were confronted by a couple of middle aged gentlemen who appear to have had a good time but were now arguing rather loudly. I steered my wife up the path towards the football club to be greeted by a young man on a mountain bike who did not trouble us but I noticed took the right hander at speed.I am advised the Police feel they cannot take action so would ask that anyone who has any experiences on the walk, good or bad, blog them here so we can present a case, if there is one, to MVDC and the Police.

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