Public Art Project in Early Stages in Leatherhead – Have your say

Contributions to 106 Developer Funds have resulted in a £49000 budget for a Public Art Project to be located in or near the Leatherhead Town Centre. In fact, this money can only be used for Public Art. However, a very inclusive description has been used in defining the end project. For example, not only can a statue or other aesthetically beautiful object qualify for consideration but the presentation of a beautiful combination of landscape design incorporating art, nature and street furniture would be appropriate. Projects that are both utilitarian and beautiful, stimulating, or evocative are under consideration.

Do you have any ideas for Public Art. Please contact Cheryl Allen, member of the Public Art Committee and representative of the LRA to the LAP.

Click here to email Cheryl or phone her on (0137)2 370 091.

The deadline for submissions is 19th March. Selected projects will be presented at two public forums:

  • 21st April at Park House 4 to 8 p.m.
  • 24th April in the Swan Centre
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