Proposed Road Works for the Olympic Cycle Route

Dear All
We have received this alert from Surrey County Council regarding Highways work connected to the Olympic Test Event on 14 August 2011 and the Olympic Cycle Race on 28 and 29 July 2012. Please note items 4 and 5 which fall under Mole Valley.
Surrey County Council is hosting Olympic Cycle Events in 2012 with one of these events being the Men’s/Women s Cycle Road Race (28/29 July 2012).   Ahead of this event there is a Test Event for the Cycle Road Race (known as the London-Surrey Cycle Classic), which is to be held on 14 August 2011.

To allow cyclists to safely negotiate the Road Race course the race organisers (LOCOG – London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games) require the removal of various elements of highway infrastructure (islands etc).  

These are to be removed and replaced with a temporary feature (such as water filled barriers or white lining) for a short 1-2 week period which can removed immediately before the Test Event. Following the Test Event and before the main 2012 Road Race a semi-permanent replacement feature will be installed (such as rubberised kerbing or white lining). This will again be removed before the 2012 event, following which a permanent replacement feature will be installed.

These works have been discussed and agreed with Surrey Police and the County’s Safety Audit Team. Similar works are also to be undertaken in the areas of London through which the race passes.

The funding for highway works associated with the Olympics is separate from Surrey County Council Highways budgets and has no impact on the availability of funding for highway schemes/initiatives across the county or any individual local committee area.

Officers have been working with LOCOG to minimise the extent of the works, which have now been identified and are being passed to the county’s contractor (May Gurney and Skansa) to progress.  

The works listed below are those identified for the Test Event, further works may be identified for the 2012 Road Race event following assessment of the Test Event.

The purpose of writing is to inform you of the locations, reasons and timescales for these works.

The works listed below are to be undertaken in July 2011 with advance electrical works commencing in late June 2011. All of the works are planned to be completed by the 31 July (2 weeks before the Test Event).  

Works will be carried out off peak during the working day to minimise traffic disruption and inconvenience to residents. Vehicular and pedestrian access to residential and business premises will be maintained at all times and local residents will be informed of the works as for all of the county’s highway works.

List of works and locations

1.        Oatlands Drive, Weybridge –  Remove/replace all small existing build outs on existing cycle lane (the central refuge islands can remain). With a fast moving peloton of riders there is not enough road space for competitors to negotiate the street furniture and therefore the build outs need to be removed.

2.        Oatlands Drive junction with Queens Road, Weybridge – Remove/replace section of central splitter island in Queens Road. To allow the competitors to enter Hanger Hill without having to negotiate a sharp turn the central island will have a section removed. This will allow riders to turn from Oatlands Drive into Queens Road and line up with Hanger Hill safely.

3.        Parvis Road junction with Brooklands Road – Remove lane splitter island on A245 Parvis Road and replace with road markings. The riders will be travelling at high speed into the junction, due to the camber of the A245 and the location of raised kerbs on the south side of the junction, the riders will take the racing line through the junction and removal of the splitter island is needed.

4.        A24 junction with A25 Deepdene Roundabout – Remove/replace part of the splitter island on south west side at junction. This is required to assist with the Traffic Management for the event and  allow vehicles to manoeuvre around the roundabout and minimise a full road closure at this junction.

5.        Leret Way, Leatherhead – Remove/replace central pedestrian refuge island. The riders will be travelling at high speed by this stage of the race. The riders would not have time to safely split around the island and then be in the correct position to make the turn into Bull Hill.

If you have any queries or would like any additional information please email with the subject heading Highway Works Enquiry.


Louise Bircher
Customer Service and Communications Manager
Mole Valley District Council

Tel: 01306 879155
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