Open Committee MeetingMonday, 3rd September 2012Letherhead Institute at 7.30 pm


1. Apologies for absence

2. Minutes of 6th August

3. Matters arising from Minutes which are not covered below

4. Correspondence

5. To receive reports from:

6. Notice of meetings other members will be attending:

  • Leatherhead & District Forum – 19th September
  • Open meeting in Epsom Town Hall on Wednesday 12 September to discuss the future of Epsom Hospital
  • Leatherhead Lottery (Date?)
  • Christmas Festivities (Date?)
  • Any other Meetings

7. Any Other Business

There will be a meeting of the South Leatherhead Police Panel prior to this meeting from 6.45 pm till 7.15 pm.
I know of no dates for a North Leatherhead Police Panel meeting; street meetings arranged by the North Leatherhead team can be found on

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