Open Committee Meeting on Monday 4th August at 7.30 in G6 of the Leatherhead Institute

This is to be an “Open Committee Meeting,” so members may wish to come with written versions of any problems they are facing and then present them orally to those present.      This may be particularly pertinent given the decisions that our local MVDC is going to have to make in the near future in connection with C2C* and Plan L.    We shall hold other meetings in this Open Committee format and are also planning a general meeting for the whole area some time in September.   However, it is not only problems which can be voiced but also we would especially welcome fresh ideas for the town and its surrounding highways and rail system.

*C2C = a large report on the area between London and the coast, i.e. Coast to Capital.    Plan L refers to Leatherhead, but as yet there is no clearly defined future project.

Agenda for Open Committee Meeting on 4th August2014
Extra insert: Issues raised by non-committee members attending, which, when heard and understood, can be passed on to the appropriate sub-c. chair for discussion after meeting.   No. 1:   Overgrown path at end of Homelands   No. 2:  Why not lay sound absorbent tarmac on the by-pass?   (from Mr. R. Baddaert)

Apologies for absence, so far, 

Cllr Dixon and Cllr Ashton, Roger Hardwick, Phillipa Shimmin

Presentation for approval plus my ideas for circulating Minutes.   (to be explained)

Matters arising.

Terms of reference – (Possibly the final check, but could be postponed until the Closed Meeing in October)

Future meetings, types of, i.e. Open Meeting with Speaker, Open Committee meeting like 4th August(could have a Speaker in an explanatory role) and Closed Committee meeting.

Content of Newsletter and future ideas for it.   CB to describe.

Increase in Subs and Membership list.   Discussion only at this point.

HC has volunteered to write the article for A &LL, on parking  (N. Street and Highlands Rd)




Forward Planning

Membership and Publicity

Highways:  (cycle path)

Outside meetings attended

LAP on 24th July (CA or HP or HC))

Litter Campaign on 30th July (CB )

Nick Gray on 16th July (HC)

Mr. Goldfinch with HC

Future meetings (outside LRA):

16th Sept HC with many other RAs and Yvonne Rees

Next LRA meeting:  Open Meeting with Mr. Peter Mills as speaker on 1st September at 7 pm – coffee first!

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