Olympic Travel in London

The final preparatory works on the Olympic Route Network (ORN) are underway this weekend, so London’s road network will look and feel very different by Monday morning.

The ORN and Games Lanes restrictions will be apply from 0600 Wednesday 25 July.

To watch a short video explaining how the ORN and Games Lanes work, please click here

Olympic Route Network (ORN) explained
The ORN is a road network linking Games venues and other key sites. Normal traffic can use most of the ORN, although there will be temporary changes such as suspended turns, stopping and loading restrictions and changes to traffic signal timings. Stopping or parking on the ORN will result in a £130 penalty charge and your vehicle may be towed away.
Games Lanes
Some lanes on ORN roads will be reserved as Games Lanes and are for use by athletes, officials and the world’s media. The vast majority of Games Lanes are in outside lanes. In these cases, normal traffic can use the adjacent lane(s). Driving in a Games Lane will result in a £130 penalty charge.
When you can use Games Lanes
Games Lanes will be very busy. They will be for the use of Games vehicles only from 0600–midnight. If Games Lanes are less busy, they will be switched off and electronic signs will indicate that normal traffic can use them.
Olympic Torch Relay
The Olympic Flame will be visiting every Borough in London this week. Roads will be temporarily closed before it arrives and will be exceptionally busy, particularly on Thursday 26 July.

Please do not drive to see the Torch and consider watching in your local area or close to your place of work. For more information, please visit getaheadofthegames.com

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