Cycle Saftey on Gimcrack Hill

Possible campaign for the Leatherhead Residents Association…

Dorking & Leatherhead are connected by a very good cycle lane. It is about four & a half miles long and very safe for about 95% of it’s length. The problem is that on arrival in Leatherhead, cyclist are faced with a choice of either:

  • Turn left down Thorncroft Drive to the Leisure Centre and then entering Leatherhead Town Centre via the Town Bridge .
  • Turn left down Thorncroft Drive and use the new River Path.
  • Continue up Dorking Road (Gimcrack Hill).

Each of these routes has problems and dangers.

  • Thorncroft Drive does not have a very good surface for road going bikes. Cyclist are then faced with the dangers of exiting Fetcham Grove and getting over the Town Bridge.
  • Cycling along the new River Path is frowned upon by some members of the public because the perceive bikes to be dangerous.
  • Gimcrack Hill is not safe for bikes because of parked cars, motorist ignoring the transition to 30 mph zone etc.

The Government is trying to encourage cycling to get folks out of their cars and so SCC should make cycling as safe as possible. Better protect need to be afforded to cyclist choosing to the Gimcrack Hill route.

  • Improve signs for motorist informing them that cyclist may be on the road.
  • More indications to drivers e.g 30 mph painted on the road, to warn of the reduced speed limit.
  • A ‘soft’ cycle lane painted on the road from the exit of Thorncroft Drive up to the area where cars normally park on Dorking Road.

Please can the LRA put this on it’s list of things to discuss at one of LRA meetings (August).

LRA – July Meeting Agenda

Agenda for LRA July Meeting

Monday 7th July 2008 at 7:00 pm at the Letherhead Institute

Agenda – Public Meeting

Minutes of the June meeting (to be circulated).

Police Report

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Telephone Scam

If you receive a phone call on your mobile from any person, saying that he or she is a company engineer, or telling that they’re checking your mobile line, and you have to press #90 or #09 or any other number, end this call immediately without pressing any numbers.

There is a fraud company using a device that once you press #90 or #09 they can access your ‘SIM’ card and make calls at your expense.

This message came from Lancashire Police. We have yet to get full confirmation from Surrey Police.

Other sources:

Unilever Parking Spaces Secured

Source: Surrey Advertiser

Unilever has been given permission by MVDC to use 60 car parking spaces at Leatherhead Leisure Centre, 42 spaces at the football ground in River Lane & 50 at the golf club on Oaklawn Road. This temporary arrangement is for an 18 month period. The number of spaces at the golf club will bet set at 30 & not the requested 50.

Press: Leatherhead Advertiser 12th-June-2008


  • Front Page: Leatherhead residents protests as contractors start on the riverside path.
  • Page 11: “Have your say on the web” MVDC promotes the Viewpoint website.
  • Page 13: Charitable Trust taking over the running of the Leatherhead Leisure Centre, claims that prices will not rise.
  • Page 26: Bikes to work.


  • Councillor Sharland explains the changes to the running of the Leisure Centre.
  • Councillor Dickson defends MVDCs approach to the Riverside Project.
  • Letter regarding press bar on the meetings between residents and MVDC on the Riverside project.

Press: Naturists give advice to MVDC over the Riverside Project !!!!

Leatherhead Advertiser 12-June-2008

MVDC is really making great efforts to consult widely on all projects. In Councillor Dickson’s letter to the Editor of the local rag, she states “Advice was sought from expert naturists, an ecologist and fisheries officer, a rights of way officer and many others”.

Either this is a typo or life by the river is to change radically !!

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