Open Committee Meeting. 3rd November 2014

Leatherhead Residents’ Association

Executive Committee Meeting (Open).

7.30 pm on 3rd November 2014 at the Letherhead Institute

1. Apologies

2. Minutes of the last (Closed) meeting on 6 Oct (see Website)

3. Matters arising from the Minutes which are not on the Agenda:

      a. 4a                                                    c. 5
      b. 4b                                                    d. 8d and 8e

4. Correspondance:

     a. To Councillor Howard Jones
     b. To Councillor Chris Townsend
     c. From a troubled member


5. Our Speaker, Mr. John Howarth, Chairman of LAP and former Director of Market Towns, followed by a “Suggestion Session.”


6. Reports:  

    a. Planning (click link) –  Food Store comments
    b. Environment – Litter pick etc.
    c. Forward Planning – Plan L in general;   anything not quite covered by our                       speaker
    d. Publicity – Notice Board, Halloween, 8b and 8c

7. AOB

    a. Next Open Meeting
    b. Mole Valley Access Group will appear in the Newsletter.

nb.  This posting has been done by the Chairman, Caroline Brown.


Dear Sir / Madam

Please see the attached information on the Heartstart course.
We are hoping that you will be able to assist us in promoting this excellent opportunity for residents in your community to participate in this excellent FREE 2 hour training course that teaches basic Emergency Life Support skills. The aim is  to give people the necessary skills and confidence to deal with emergencies that they may well come across either at home, in the work place or whilst out and about in the community.
What we are looking to do is get an idea of the level of interest and then arrange courses to take place at the most convenient locations within the community, ideally with the use of venues being free of charge for the booking.
So please let me know if this is something that your community would be interested in hosting at your Village Hall or other suitable venue, then once we have decided on the venues for courses I can speak with the providers to confirm their availability, and then bookings will be able to be made direct with:-
Phone: 07809602722
The courses will be for any resident of Mole Valley  aged over 16 years, each course will have a maximum capacity of 20 participants and will last for two hours. We are thinking that the most appropriate time to run these courses would be a weekday between 7pm and 9pm.
Ideally we would like to plan the first courses to start in December.
Best regards
David Fanthorpe
Leisure Monitoring Officer
Mole Valley District Council
01306 876370

Prudential Ride London

Good morning,

Thank you to those that attended last Thursday’s RideLondon debrief session. It was a very helpful session for us, particularly as we start to look ahead to 2015’s event. If you have any further feedback please do send through to me.
As advised, the date for next year’s event is Sunday 2 August 2015 in Surrey. With plans still at a very early stage we will be cancelling the Thursday 27 November meeting at Leatherhead theatre. A meeting will be set up in the new year to provide a full event update.
Kind regards,
James Taylor | Engagement Manager | Prudential RideLondon |

Tel: 0207 902 0200 ext. 203 |
London & Surrey Cycling Partnership | 115 Southwark Street | London | SE1 0JF | United Kingdom

Mole Valley – New Survey

Your invitation to take part
I am pleased to let you know that we have launched an important consultation that will help determine Mole Valley District Council’s priorities for the coming years and help set the Council’s budget.
Like all local authorities, Mole Valley District Council responds to the changing nature of local government.  We are seeking your views on a wide range of issues where we have an influencing role as well as on the services that we deliver directly.
The survey is quick and easy to complete.  It will only take about 10 minutes of your time and, if you enter into our prize draw, you could win a family ticket for four to the Christmas pantomime at Dorking Halls.
You can complete this survey online at  Please note that the closing date is 30th November 2014.
Your views are important to us.  I do hope you will take this opportunity to make your voice heard by taking part in this survey.
Please do forward this email to anyone you think may also be interested in taking part.
Best wishes
Cllr Simon Ling
Executive Member for Finance and Corporate Services
Mole Valley District Council

Surrey Police – Trick or Treat

Good afternoon

Mole Valley has a limited supply of no trick or treat A5 notices which you can display by your front door or window if you do not wish to be disturbed.
If you would like one of these notices please email
Please include your name, address and the number of leaflets you require

Kind regards
Tara Temple

Hello … Caroline and all the LRA members

I hope you will enjoy this message and forward it on …
You will probably have seen some posters around Leatherhead for this professional comedy coming to our town next week – as part of the final week of the Arts Alive Festival 2014.  Local resident member Graham Pountney is in it and directs it … as a new venture, reviving professional theatre in Leatherhead, we need your support.   I guarantee you will have a wonderful evening, for the price of a main course in a local restaurant!
The Brighton Argus review said: “… a first class production … an excellent interpretation of the text alongside highly entertaining physical theatre … generously allowing the comedy to spark within the relationships”. 
This is my personal invitation … Please do come and relish a performance, and alert/encourage your friends & neighbours to see this production of Alan Ayckbourn’s Taking Steps – Flyer attached.  It would be SO good to see everyone again!  [There’s no need to be put off by it being in the Leisure Centre: the play is in-the-round, so we have created a complete theatre and the ambiance is terrific!]
TheatreReviver! is a brand new professional theatre company.  It aims to revive home-grown touring theatre and theatre-going in our local community, by performing great plays and comedies with “heart”  using local talent on-stage and behind the scenes. Do come and see this amazing farce, in Leatherhead this month from October 27th to 31st . Take steps to see it if you like laughing!
I look forward to welcoming you to the show!
Box office Tel:   01372 377674

Graham Pountney
ScreenTest Productions
Vectis House
Elm Drive
Surrey KT22 8EX
Tel:   01372 372429
Mob: 07812 047195

You are invited to CHIP in your vision for Pippbrook House on Tuesday 28th October 7.30 at Burgundy & Black

You may have heard that Pippbrook House, the old library and before that council offices for DUDC and MVDC, is to be sold. It has not been properly maintained and needs money to be invested in repairs before it can even be declared safe.


You may not care particularly about this. You may feel if the council can get a good price for it, then let it go.

Or, like a growing group of local folk (front page of the Dorking Advertiser 3 weeks ago see attached) you may feel that this is something worth keeping, indeed cherishing.

So what can you do to support this idea?

At this early stage please register your support by going onto the CHIP Facebook page (Community Hub In Pippbrook) or emailing me by return to add your name to the rapidly growing list to say quite simply (or you can add complicated stuff if you like) :

I would like to be kept in touch with developments.

We have a vision and it involves retaining the building, both for local use and as a centre of excellence, for community projects including arts, music, drama, film, business, sports, health and wellbeing (to name but a few) with a much wider reach towards London and throughout the south east, thus bringing in valuable footfall and the kudos and profile that this town richly deserves.

So, we need YOU. We need your ideas, your expertise, your energy and your passion for all that is Dorking. Get in touch in whatever way suits you to register yourself as actively interested in CHIP and please spread the word, especially if you know somebody who has an area of expertise that you know we will need especially at this early stage people who are knowledgeable about, and well rehearsed in, applying for grants.

Tuesday 28th October 7.30 at Burgundy & Black (independent coffee shop at the bottom of St Martin’s Walk) to share further ideas, expertise, experience and ideas before we have an official launch!

For further information (website pending!) call Sally Elias on 07787 566 212, Roger Jones on 07770 887834, Belinda  Hard on 07941 141575.


Just to say to those who have followed my postings since April 2009 "Good-bye!" The LRA Blog is now a bulletin-board for the Association and, I feel, is no longer an appropriate place for a maverick to be posting individual opinions.

I have, therefore, set up my own Blog and will endeavour to post there at least once each week.


PS: Don’t forget the litter pick on the 25th October – see the posting below.

   Leatherhead Together

Join our community

 Giant litter pick

      Saturday Oct 25th

It’s our rubbish – Let’s pick it up!
    Wherever you are in the Mole Valley
   with friends, family, neighbours, or solo
       please support the LRA Litter Pick
    Gloves & litter pickers provided. Meet, The Institute 2 pm
          or clean up a patch near you
  Great prizes for 3 ‘best action’ photos (one per person)
  Send them by Oct 31st to The LRA,  c/- The Institute, High St
  Leatherhead KT22 8AH    or email:
  subject line ‘litterphotos’ (add your name address phone & email)
   This is Phase One of a five phase litter campaign initiated by the LRA
  working with many groups in the Mole Valley For info ph 01372 370 091

Anti Litter Initiative
The Leatherhead Residents Association(LRA) has  launched an anti litter campaign this autumn to continue through  2015.  This is in response to an outcry concerning the amount of litter and dog fouling to which local people are exposed during their town and country pursuits.  When the call for action came, we became aware that both SCC and MVDC have put litter and waste issues high on their list of priorities for Autumn 2014/2015.
The five phase LRA campaign will be carried out in conjunction with MVDC and representatives from organisations throughout Leatherhead:
First Phase
A giant litter pick in scheduled for 25 October-This will combine the forces of Leatherhead volunteers, targeting our wooded areas, riverside, and verges of roads on the fringes of Leatherhead leading into the town centre. We are encouraging those who cannot participate in the organised litter pick to spend a half hour on the 25th clearing an area near  their own home. We will be working with the support of MVDC who will provide collection of rubbish, pickers, gloves and sacks.   
Second Phase
In order to increase awareness of the massive problem litter causes to our planet and in light of the statistic that predicts that our landfills will be full by 2018, we will seek access to local schools via their art classes and expose the problem to fresh, young minds.  A short motivational film or slide presentation or the personal and social education programme carried out in all schools could be used to inspire the two art projects below.
A challenge will be given  to students to become involved in two kinds of art projects-
   Anti litter poster art that encourages awareness and change of behaviour, and
   Works of art made from recycled packaging and paper students collect during the Christmas season  (November or early December) The focus here is packaging and the waste it creates and over-packaging.
Third Phase
Art workshops/classes giving students the opportunity to turn their ideas into art, guided by professional artists or their teachers.
(Late January-February-March)
Fourth Phase
Selection of the best artwork from all schools to become a part of a travelling Anti Litter display. 
The display should inform and challenge the viewer to seriously consider changes in behaviour.
The display could spend time at each school, an empty High Street shop, or the Swan Centre.  (April-May)
Fifth Phase
Another Autumn litter pick (2015) to compare the quantity of litter in the areas targeted in 2014.  This is in way of noting the impact of the campaign.  Our neighbouring community, Fetcham, report to have noticed substantial reductions in successive litter picks over the years. Teazle Wood has had similar results.  Of course, we hope for the same.


Last time I posted, I said I would henceforth confine my comments to Streetlife.  However, after reading with dismay the Leatherhead Residents’ Association article in the September issue of the Ashtead & Leatherhead Local, I feel I had better write here rather than to a wider public on Streetlife.

In the article,  the Vice-Chairman writes: “Most responsible drivers respect the need for limiting the parking in narrow streets.”  That, in my opinion, is utter tosh.  The Vice-Chairman obviously does not live near enough to the Station to be inconvenienced by commuters.

In July 2010 I write on the LRA Blog: "A month or so back, most residents in the road, a cul-de-sac, went for three weeks without any bin collection simply because the bin lorry was unable to squeeze between the cars parked by commuters on both sides of the road!" Inconsiderate parking had prevented access to bin lorries for three weeks and it was only the initiative of a resident putting up an unofficial "No Parking" sign that allowed the bins to be emptied. See:

At the time those posts were made, the Vice-Chairman was Chairman of the LRA.  Did he not read any of those posts?   Did he not understand them?

When I first moved into this cul-de-sac twenty-two years ago, most drivers did indeed respect the need for limited parking in this narrow street and parking was (almost) entirely restricted to one side. But over the past decade things changed and more and more parking took place on both sides of the road, just as it still does during the week on Park Rise, making that road difficult to drive along.  It has taken a long campaign to get Surrey County Council to restrict parking in our narrow street.  The Vice-Chairman asks whether we need fines to control parking.  Sadly the experience of many of us is that we do.

The article seems to advocating a laissez-faire approach to on-street parking.  Is this the policy of the LRA?  If it is and this becomes known, then I fear the LRA will lose membership not only in my street but in the many that over the years have been plagued with parking problems.  If it is not LRA policy, then what is it doing in the Ashtead & Leatherhead Local with the ‘Vice Chairman of the LRA’ appended to it?

The bit below the article invites people to join the LRA.  Surely the LRA article ought to encouraging people to do that.  Quite frankly, if I was undecided and considering joining, this article would dissuade me.

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