Music on Thursdays – Lunchtime Concerts in Leatherhead

Starting: 8th March 2012 and every Thursday until November

Music on Thursdays, a season of free lunchtime concerts, runs from 8th March, every Thursday until November. Concerts start at 12.30pm and last 40-50 minutes.
Parish Church Master of Music, Graham Davies commented: “We have invited a selection of musicians to perform in Leatherhead. They include local musicians, professionals from further afield, and Royal Academy of Music students – quite an array of talent.”
The first concert in the Church, on March 8th, features Royal Academy students Midori Komachi, violin, with accompanist Carlos Guerrero. The following week sees performances by musicians from St John’s School, Leatherhead.
After that comes the first monthly organ concert using the both church’s digital organ and the historic 17thC Parker pipe organ.
As the season continues we hear a bassoon ensemble, solo singers, a pair of tubas, and combinations of string and wind instruments.
We’re attaching a poster which shows the first three months or this year’s programme. Please do forward this to friends. If you have a place to display the poster that would be a lovely way to support the venture.
There is level access to Leatherhead Parish Church, and toilet facilities in the church hall. Entry to concerts is free. Contributions to help cover costs will be welcome.
Organiser: Graham Davies, Master of Music, Leatherhead Parish Church
Publicity: Frances Presley & Peter Steadman
Leatherhead Parish Church is registered as a charity in England & Wales No. 1132607.
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Here is the full programme for the year:
  8 March – Midori Komachi, violin &
                        Carlos Guerrero, piano,
                        from the Royal Academy of Music
15 March – Students from St John’s School, 
22 March – Graham Davies, organ
29 March – Jacqueline Phillips, cello &
                        Jane Dixon-Wayne, flute
  5 April – Henry Manning, baritone, &
                        Chris Hopkins, piano
12 April – Alex Rolton, cello,
                        from the Royal Academy of Music
19 April – Graham Davies, organ
26 April – Jacqueline Phillips, cello
  3 May – The PAN Reed Trio,
                        from the Royal Academy of Music
10 May – The Brooke String Ensemble
17 May – Graham Davies, organ
24 May – Emily Andrews, flute &
                        Chris Hopkins, piano
31 May – Anna Tam, cello
  7 June – Claire Price, soprano,
                        Edita Durrant, mezzo-soprano, &
                        Graham Davies, organ & piano
14 June – Amy Jolly, cello, with accompanist,
                        from the Royal Academy of Music
21 June – Anthony Cairns, organ
28 June – The Brooke String Ensemble
  5 July – Emily Andrews, flute &
                                    David Massey, guitar
12 July – The Bassooniacs – four bassoons
19 July – John Belcher, organ
26 July – The Brooke String Ensemble
  2 August – Claire Price, soprano &
                        Graham Davies, organ & piano
  9 August – TBC
16 August – Graham Davies, organ
23 August – David Massey, classical guitar
30 August – The Brooke String Ensemble
  6 September – TBC
13 September – Students from the
                                    Royal Academy of Music
20 September – David Oldfield, organ
27 September – Students from the
                                    Royal Academy of Music
  4 October – Edita Durrant, mezzo-soprano & 
                                   Graham Davies, organ & piano
11 October – Atéa Wind Quintet,
                        from the Royal Academy of Music
Mole Valley Festival Concerts
18 October – Philip Bishop, trumpet &
                                    Graham Davies, organ
25 October – Emily Andrews, flute
  1 November – Henry Manning, baritone &
                                    Chris Hopkins, piano
  8 November – Alice Bishop, soprano &
                                    Matthew Rickard, piano
15 November – Graham Thorp, Organ
22 November –  Anna Tam, cello, with accompanist
29 November – Students from the
                                    Royal Academy of Music
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