Music on Thursdays and Wednesdays at Christ Church

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Please click here for the full newsletter – which has links to all the concerts mentioned.

September’s here and there is plenty of music planned for this Autumn, including this week’s Music on Thursdays 12.30 lunchtime concert at Leatherhead Methodist Church. ACACIA Flute and Harp Duo bring MoT our first harp performances. Their lovely programme is on this link.

Working in the City ? Soprano Alice Bishop has delighted MoT audiences and can be heard in a lunchtime concert at Holborn Viaduct this Friday. Full info here.

Spectacles wearer ? Us too. You may have seen Peter on the front page of the Surrey Advertiser, or read the article in the Leatherhead Advertiser. We are harvesting unwanted spectacles for Vision Aid Overseas to recycle, so they can fund their Vision Centres in eight African countries.

The Methodist Church, Christ Church, and the Parish Church are all collection points, as are both independent opticians (Patricia Morgan and Donner), together with BFree, B@atitude, WA Truelove, and Fetcham’s Symphony World Travel. So as the posters say : HAND ‘EM IN ! (Bring them when you come to a concert or a service.)

In the newsletter you will also read about next week’s MAIASTRA concert in Cobham, our own lunchtime Song Recital next Thursday by baritone Thomas Humphreys, and this Friday evening’s Skampa String Quartet (from the Czech Republic) playing in St John’s School Chapel.

We hope you will enjoy your music-making and your listening!

Graham Davies & Peter Steadman

Music on Thursdays

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