Leatherhead Residents’ Association Open Meeting

Leatherhead Residents Association
Open Meeting
Monday, 2ndFebruary 2015 at 7.30
In the Abraham Dixon Hall in the Letherhead Institute

The Meeting will give the first half hour to the normal business affairs of the Association:

1. Apologies
3. Any Matters Arising other than to do with our local Health Service, must be postponed.
4. Correspondence –       Leach Grove Woods
5. Reports:  

   8 pm End of Business Meeting.

Councillor Tim Hall will now chair the meeting and invite our speaker, Mr. James Blythe, to start. 

Mr. Blythe is the Director for Commissioning and Strategy for Surrey Downs Clinical Commissioning Group and is in charge of the Review of Service in 2015/16.

He will explain some of the proposed ‘Transformation’ of services that are under consideration in the Review.  Representatives from Central Surrey Health and the League of Friends of Leatherhead Hospital will also be in the audience.

Councillor Tim Hall will  direct questions to the speaker and to those attending in the audience after the presentation.

6. The next meeting, a Closed Meeting, will be on March 2nd at 7.30 in G6
Any problems may be sent via “Contact” on our website or by post into our mailbox in the Institute.

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