Improving Recycling Rates in Mole Valley

Mole Valley claims to have one of the highest dry recycling rate in the UK. How can this be improved further?

Here’s a simple idea.

A number of consumer items such as foil, cartons & batteries can only be recycled at the MVDC Recycling sites. Why not place small recycling bins for these items close to places that people go on a regular basis e.g outside Sainsbury’s/Lidl & Tesco? The collection bins do not have to be that big – they can be collected with other waste on a daily basis and the bins wheeled away for safe storage overnight.

Citizens of Mole Valley are far more likely to visit the Supermarket than the tip. The Recycling Sites are not that accessible if you don’t have a car. Get the supermarkets involved – after all they provide the goods in the first place – it will look good for their image also. The Plastic Bags collection bins are well used in-store and so this indicate that folks are willing to bring recyclables to the shop with them.

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