Housing and Traveller Sites Plan Consultation

We have only one week left.  Have you had your say yet?

Have you read about the proposals for Leatherhead and given your comments?   If not, click here.

Many have commented on the proposed sites south of Windmill Drive and south of Yarm Way.  But it is the integrity of the whole of Leatherhead that is threatened.   Do you want there to be continuous ribbon development from Ewell through to Effingham and beyond, with even more of Surrey in danger of being subsumed into Greater London?

One purpose of the Green Belt is to keep communities separate and prevent just such continuous urban development.   Our Green Belt has already been compromised by the M25, we need to hold on to what is remaining to us.

Also there is simply not the infrastructure to support any more development.  Our schools are barely coping with the existing population; there is, as Cllr Tim Hall told the meeting on 6th February, no more room in them.  Our roads cannot adequately cope with present demand at peak periods, and traffic is often at a standstill, with consequent increase in air pollution.  Any new development will inevitably worsen things.

Save Poors Allotment!  Support Lucy Quinnel and the Friends of Teazle Wood who have worked so hard to restore and protect this ancient woodland which is part of our inheritance!  Support your whole town!

And please, I beg, do not go wishing houses onto others that you do not want next to you.  That, in my opinion, would be very mean spirited.

Enough is enough! Leatherhead is full!

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