Help Stop Surrey’s proposal to cease FREE parking in Towns and Villages

Your Market Towns and larger villages in Surrey need your help, and they need it now.
Surrey County Council proposes to remove the FREE on-street parking in the centre of our towns and villages,install machines to issue half hour parking tickets at 50-70p, and enforce payment!
The cost of doing this could be considerable for the return, but the folly is in what it could destroy.
We could lose a lot of the remaining vitality in our High Streets people will stop that quick pop and shop, and just shop where parking is free.
If you don’t want to see that,  Please sign the ePetition on the website AND tell your friends.  
The Petition URL is

This is on until the 23rd March, as the Council will be reviewing this matter soon  
– so Act now or lose FREE High Street Parking in a town near you!
If we do nothing that is what we will get.
Lets pass a message to Surrey CC that we have had enough of them messing around with  the vitality of our market towns and Larger Villages.


Caroline Salmon
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