De-clutter workshop: Saturday 20th October, 2pm – 5pm

 De-clutter workshop ` Too much stuff? Find out how to lighten your life! 

By popular demand Transition Ashtead, Transition Bookham and the LRA environment sub-commitee, are hosting an afternoon workshop which aims to encourage and inspire us to de-clutter. This is a subject that many of us moan about, and one which is very much a product of modern life when so many things seem so cheap and easy to buy, plus we often inherit lots of stuff from parents or children!  It will be a fun afternoon with professional de-clutterers on hand to help you make a ‘clutter clearing’ plan and inspire you to sort out your stuff and maybe find a “Clutter clearing buddy”!   Learn where and how to donate, sell and re-cycle your unwanted items and get great ideas for reusing & up-cycling. Refreshments will be served, so we can share tips and ideas over tea & cakes!
Saturday 20th October, 2pm – 5pm
Abraham Dixon Hall, The Leatherhead Institute, Surrey Kt22 8AH

Tickets are £5.00 in advance (plus donations for teas – proceeds to Friends of Teazle Wood) available from Bartons Bookshop, Leatherhead; Damsel Dress Agency, The Street, Ashtead; and Patchwork Cabin, Bookham.

For further information please call Flip 01372 383468
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