Cold Callers wanting to Buy Gold & Silver Jewellery

A sign of the current economic situation is that many people have been considering selling old or unwanted gold jewellery for cash to put some extra money into their pockets.

Please beware!!  Some people and companies will post a flyer through letterboxes, saying that they will pay “best prices” or “top prices” for any unwanted gold jewellery.  Normally, the flyer says that they will be in the area for a few days and provide a telephone number to call to arrange a home visit.

There is nothing illegal in this practice at all but……….most of these firms are only looking to pay the “scrap value” of any gold in terms of its weight.  The same applies to any stones set into rings etc.  This amount is considerably less than the actual insurance value of any whole piece of jewellery itself, so please consider very carefully before feeling pressured into selling any items.

Also, there are some unscrupulous people who are taking advantage by “cold calling” door to door and asking the resident if they have any items that they would like to sell.  Quite often they also refer to an advertising flyer being posted out but, in fact, nothing of the sort has been done.

We would ask you not to let these people into your home.  They may well be willing to part with some cash for items that you show them but they may also distract you and take other items that you had no intention of selling.  In other words – stealing from you.

This exact scenario has happened very recently to a local resident and they wanted us to make as many people as possible aware of this so that they do not become victims too.  We are very grateful to this resident for being willing for us to share their experience.

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