Edmund Tylney 20% Discount offer

Attached to the Summer Newsletter, members will have found the special offer of 10% discount from 27th July until 12th August and various business listed.  I am pleased to inform members that Gregory Giles, the new manager of the the Edmund Tylney (the Wetherspoon's pub on the High Street), has emailed the chair of our Publicity & Membership Subcommittee the following:

I am not sure what was previously agreed by the departing manager of our business but as the new manager I would like to offer all Leatherhead Residents' Association members 20% discount on all food bills excluding those deals which already include a free drink as part of their promotion.

 As responsible retailers we are unable to offer targeted discounts on drinks purchases. The 20% discount on food is available to all your members with immediate effect on production of appropriate identification of membership to our staff and will continue until you or I request otherwise. This will extend to any single member who has up to three non-member guests in their party, so family and friends of our local association are not excluded!

“Make a Difference” Tour – 2008

The Leatherhead Residents Association takes to the streets this week to promote it’s activities & recruit new Members. The more members the Association has, the greater it’s voice in local affairs.

Committee members will be manning a publicity stall in the Swan Centre, Leatherhead on Thursday & Saturday this week (16th & 18th October).

If you would like to join or talk to the Association about it’s work or raise a concern about a local issue, then pay a visit to the stand. The Association is always looking for members to assist the Committee in it’s work & so if you have a skill to offer then please let them know.

If want to join but cannot attend either of these dates, a membership form can be downloaded for the LRA website or you can pick up a form from the library.

LRA Publicity & Marketing – Duck Race

Does any one have links with the Leatherhead Festival Committee?

The Annual Duck Race is looming (21st June 2008). This is another opportunity to market the LRA to lots of families in the Leatherhead area. My proposal is:

  • Sponsor a duck or two.
  • Sponsor a HiVi vest for one of the ‘divers’ in the river.
  • Have a stand/tent down by the river.
  • Have some sandwich boards located in prominent places.
  • Prepare new publicity material.
  • Get some balloons made up with LRA logo & web address on them (c 150 GBP for 1000 units).

Comments please.