Matters Arising from October Meeting

  • Confirmation was given at the October LRA meeting(attended by local councillors) that the obstruction in front of Lidl bus stop is to be removed.

  • The parking situation continues in Epsom Road, but we were reassured that the notices which are to be attached to the lamp posts requesting drivers not to park are ready and waiting to be attached – unfortunately there are very few lamp posts located on the North West side of the road.

  • The police agreed to continue to monitor the problems of cars mounting the pavement at the Knoll roundabout, with an actually police presence when possible. Councillors agreed to go back to the Highways Department and press for a temporary measure of bollards to increase safety until Highways formulate their plans for this area of concern.

  • Making allowances for forward thinking we are about to find an increase in road congestion due to the opening of the new headquarters for 1400 employees of Unilever n Leatherhead there will be need to re-assess the traffic flow situation. Assurance has been given of flexible working hours, car share and bus transport schemes in place with workers being obliged to book their parking space in advance, when coming to work by car. The LRA will be watching the situation. Our County Councillor gave an assurance that there are long term plans for re-construction of the Knoll Roundabout. But this is no solution for the immediate problem of seriously endangered pedestrians.

LRA Meetings

The LRA meeting schedules are published on the LRA website. It would be useful for the proposed agenda to be posted up in advance. This would allow those that cannot attend the opportunity to send in their views in advance and then the Chairman could make these opinions know to the meeting delegates.

In addition, it would also be useful if the minutes of the meeting were published on the LRA website to allow those LRA members that did not attend the chance to find out what is going on. This should also apply to committee meetings; these should be minuted and made available to rank & file members. This will show that the organisation is transparent and not run by an isolated bunch of individuals with their own agenda.