Agenda – Open Meeting – 6th July 2009

1. Apologies for Absence

2. Minutes of meeting on 1st June 2009

3. Matters Arising in the Minutes

4. Historical Notes on Leatherhead – Linda Heath

5. Sources of funding for Municipal Projects – Colin Langley

6. Committee Notices –

     a) Hilary Porter is to be Vice Chairman, and Ray Brown to be Secretary

     b) Code of Conduct

7. Reports from sub Groups

     a) Planning – Council for Protection of Rural England

     b) Highways – Changes in SCC Staff – Knoll Roundabout, Parking Restrictions,etc.

6. Any Other Business

North Street – Bus Stop Improvements


Days of work: .From 23 March 2009 to 6 April 2009

Times of work: 07.00 – 19.00; Monday to Friday

What will the work involve? Bus Stop Improvements
How will my route be affected? Kerb and footway to be restricted

Who has been informed about the roadworks? Information on the web (???)

Who is doing the works? Surrey Highways Partnership

Linden Pitt Path – Dog Fouling

A note for dog owners using the Linden Pitt Path:

The Linden Pitt Path is not a Dog Toilet.

This path is used extensively during the day by children & parents. If your dog does foul the path…

Clean It Up.

Perhaps SCC can liaise with MVDC and put up anti fouling signs & a ‘poo’ bin when the path is modified in coming months.

To complain about the state of the path try:

Linden Pitt Path Works

Regular users of the Linden Pitt Path will have noted the ‘White’ notices from SCC have been posted up along the path. SCC plans to widen the path from the Grange Road entrance to the end of St. Andrews school property. The width will increase by one metre on the St. Peters school side.

The modifications will involve removing the trees along the St. Peters side of the path. New trees will be planted. The trees will be removed during half term and the widening will take place in the Summer holidays. A temporary path will be put in place that runs parallel to the Linden Pitt Path. From the diagram on the notice, it appears that the temporary path will run through St. Andrews school grounds.

Knoll Roundabout – the Irony

Yesterday (Wednesday) parents trying to use the ‘preferred’ route to schools in North East Leatherhead (Grange Road), found that the poorly gritted paths of this link made the way too dangerous to use. This route uses the the pedestrian bridge over the M25, which links the St John’s Gardens to Ottways. This meant parents were forced to go round the houses and brave the Knoll Roundabout.

Another irony here is that the path is right next to a major gritting depot.

Epsom Road – New Signs – waste of public money?

The more eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed some new signs affixed to lamp post on both sides of Epsom Road. If you haven’t it’s no surprise. For those of you that have not seen them because they are way above eye-line then here is a picture.

There has been no new restriction imposed on this stretch of road and so the signs are about as useful as a chocolate fireguard. Motorist are still free to park there; they are apparently doing nothing illegal. The signs are not that visible from the drivers seat & so one has to question the purpose of them.

How much money was wasted on these signs ?

**** UPDATE **** (added by Webmaster)

Local press coverage can be found here :

Poor Illumination on Linden Pitt Path

The Linden Pitt Path connects St. Johns Close via a footbridge over the M25 to Ottaways in Ashtead. The Leatherhead end of the bridge has very poor lighting at night. This puts pedestrians at risk of injury because of the proximity of steps leading down to road level. The LRA has been asked to bring this concern to the attention of SCC Highways

Mobility Scooter – accident waiting too happen?

A resident, who has a mobility scooter, has reported a possible conflict between pedestrians & scooters. The location is the is bus shelter in front of Lidl supermarket, Station Road.

The advertising boards at the end of the shelter can unsight pedestrians from approaching mobility scooters. There is little room for manoeuvre because of Give Way sign that has been placed close to the shelter.

Surrey County Council has been informed of the possibility of an accident happening. Should the Residents Association look into this matter ?