Government invites comments on its plans for future development in the South East.

The South East Plan sets out Government’s strategy for the South East Region that covering the next twenty years.

A panel of Government Planning Inspectors carried out a public examination of the draft South East Plan which was produced by SEERA (the South East England Regional Assembly). Now the Government is inviting comments on its response and proposals for what should be included in the South East Plan.

The key aspects of the Government’s consultation include proposals for:

• The development of at least 33,125 additional dwellings a year across the region, of which Mole Valley’s share is 188 dwellings a year.
• Ensuring that at least 60 per cent of all new development is built on previously developed land
• Safeguarding the Green Belt, although selective local reviews may be required.
• 25 percent of all new housing should be social rented accommodation and 10 per cent other forms of affordable housing
• New housing to be built against an overall regional target of 40 dwellings per hectare.
• At least 10 per cent of energy used in new developments should come from renewable resources.
• Provision of accessible, multi functional green space to improve biodiversity and recreational and cultural benefits.

The consultation closing date is 24th October 2008. Details of how to make comments are explained on the website of the Government Office for the South East at where it is also possible to view the proposed changes and additional background documents that accompany the Government’s proposals.