Public Art Project in Early Stages in Leatherhead – Have your say

Contributions to 106 Developer Funds have resulted in a £49000 budget for a Public Art Project to be located in or near the Leatherhead Town Centre. In fact, this money can only be used for Public Art. However, a very inclusive description has been used in defining the end project. For example, not only can a statue or other aesthetically beautiful object qualify for consideration but the presentation of a beautiful combination of landscape design incorporating art, nature and street furniture would be appropriate. Projects that are both utilitarian and beautiful, stimulating, or evocative are under consideration.

Do you have any ideas for Public Art. Please contact Cheryl Allen, member of the Public Art Committee and representative of the LRA to the LAP.

Click here to email Cheryl or phone her on (0137)2 370 091.

The deadline for submissions is 19th March. Selected projects will be presented at two public forums:

  • 21st April at Park House 4 to 8 p.m.
  • 24th April in the Swan Centre

Mole Valley Arts Alive Festival

Don’t forget that this year’s Mole Valley Arts Alive festival is taking place right through this month.

If you’ve missed the first week, make up for it in the next three weeks!

There are many events taking place right here in Leatherhead; and other events not too far away. Many of your fellow residents are taking part in these events – give hem your support.

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Friends of Triel Leatherhead and District Twinning Association


Leatherhead & District was officially twinned with a small town in the North West of Paris called Triel-sur-Seine in 2004 following informal exchanges that had taken place on a regular basis since 1992. Every year there are exchanges between groups in our area and groups in Triel.

Our last exchange visit was a great success, our biggest and busiest ever with a 55 French vistors travelling by coach to visit us. The next Exchange Visit will be taking place from Friday 23 May to Monday 26 May 2009 when we will be travelling to Triel. More information can be found here.

There is great enthusiasm in Triel to link up with local organisations over here – representatives from French churches, choral societies, football clubs, schools and a host of other organisations in Triel are keen to foster links with similar organisations in the Leatherhead area. The twinning committee would be delighted to hear from any local groups who would like to join the ‘Friends of Triel’. On a more personal level, the welcome and hospitality encountered by the various groups who have visited Triel over the years is always warm and generous. The committee are keen to expand the membership of the ‘Friends of Triel’ and would welcome any individuals or families who would like to join as new members.