Surrey Police: Purse stealing scam

Good morning,

I wanted to inform you of a new scam that is being used mainly in and around supermarkets whereby elderly and vulnerable people are being targetted by thieves who watch them pay for items with cash or card and then approach them with a £10 note asking if it is theirs and whether they have just dropped it or asking for change for a £10 note.  When the person takes out their purse or wallet to check the thieves snatch it and make off.  Another option is to ask for directions and whilst the person is occupied another will take the purse out of their bag.

If you are aware of anyone who would benefit from this information would you please pass it on, and of course, should you, or anyone you know be the victim of this type of crime please report it to us using the 101 telephone number.

Thank you.

If you need to contact us in the meantime, you can reach us on

Tel: 101

Surrey Police: Home Security

We have noticed an increase in attemted break ins due to the unseasonably hot weather where residents are opening their windows to let in the cool air and forgetting to close them or lock back doors when they go out.
Could I ask you to impress on your neighbours the importance of ensuring that their homes are secure which means closing and locking all windows and doors when leaving the house.  Also, if you leave a window open when you go to bed please ensure that it has a locking mechanism to ensure that it cannot be opened wide enough to allow anyone to gain entry while you are asleep.
Thank you for your ongoing assistance.

Surrey Police: Sheds

Don’t lose a shed load
SURREY Police is running a campaign to raise awareness of thefts from sheds and is giving advice to residents on how to protect their property from thieves.
Although you might not think your shed is worth much, when you consider the lawnmower; the bike; the power tools; the golf clubsthe tennis rackets; the ladder; and the barbeque, they all add up.
By taking a few simple measures such as marking your property and getting a shed alarm padlock you could reduce the likelihood of being targeted.
As part of the campaign Surrey Police and Eagle Radio (96.4FM) will be running three road shows; on Saturday 24 March in Guildford – Town Bridge; Saturday 31 March in Staines – High St; and Saturday 14 April in Leatherhead – High St.
For the chance to obtain a free shed alarm padlock, residents can take a photo of their shed on a phone or camera and bring it to one of the roadshows. For more details on the roadshow and security advice please
Chief Superintendent Gavin Stephens from Surrey Police Neighbourhood Command said: “In recent years we have seen a rise in thefts from sheds and garages in the lead up to the summer. This campaign aims to raise awareness and give residents practical advice in order to reduce the risk of it happening to them. The advice is simple – don’t lose a shed load, lock it and alarm it”.

Another Scam Warning

From Ashtead Residents:

“Just a warning for Ashtead residents, I have just had letters supposedly
from Hung Pang of Kexim Asia offering me a 50% share of £10.5M. It is a
typical phishing attempt to try to get bank details – this time on paper
instead of as an email. I assume someone is working through the Ashtead
phone book since I have two numbers listed under 2 names and had letters
addressed to both.

Please pass this on – especially to older people who may not be so familiar
with phishing on the internet!” 

Surrey Police: Sheep Attack

A warning to all Country Watch member in and around the Headley, Walton and Langley Vale area. Between the hours of 5pm on 18/02/2012 and 6am on 19/02/2012 a number of Sheep in Langley vale were attacked and mauled by a dog. Some of the attacked sheep required euthanising due to injuries.

To all dog owners in the area please ensure the safety of your dog and livestock by keeping the dog secure in your garden or premises or on a lead at all times when out walking.

If you have any information on this incident or see a dog worrying livestock please call Surrey Police on 101

Surrey Police: Recent crime

 Surrey Police report that a distraction burglary occurred in the Leather area. Can you please circulate the details of the crime to the members of your Watch if you think it will be of value.


Any suspicious incidents should be reported to the police on 101 quoting the Crime reference number as appropriate.

Vehicle Crime

Surrey Police has launched an initiative this week to tackle vehicle crime across the county. Activity will include neighbourhood officers and extra patrol teams focussing on the hot spot areas within Surrey and offenders known to be linked to vehicle crime. The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) team will also be stopping vehicles which are known to have been stolen or have links to offenders. The overall aim is to reduce the offences of theft from and theft of motor vehicles.

In addition to these operational activites, innovative ‘Fixed Police Notices’ containing crime prevention advice will also be put on cars in vulnerable areas or where vehicle crime has recently taken place.
Inspector Richard Mallet of Surrey Police Roads Policing Unit advises the following steps to reduce vehicle crime;

Always lock your car when you leave it, even if it’s just for a few moments. Make sure windows and sunroofs are shut and locked too.
Never leave any personal possessions in your car. Thieves love to steal sat navs, laptops and mobile phones. But less obvious items such as clothes and loose change are also appealing.
Don’t leave valuables hidden in your boot or under car seats. Thieves know where to look.
Don’t store driving or vehicle documents in your glove box. Keep them stored safely at home.
If your car doesn’t have an alarm, get one fitted or use a steering lock to deter thieves.
Look after your car keys. Keep them on you when out and about. When at home keep them hidden and not in view of a window, door or letterbox.
Secure your number plate with clutch head screws to avoid becoming a victim of ‘car cloning’.
Keep your eye out for potential car criminals. If you see someone looking inside cars or trying door handles call Surrey Police on 101. In an emergency always call 999.
For more details on how to protect your vehicle visit

Cold Calls from G1 Security

We have received reports in connection with people receiving “cold calls” from a company called G1 Security, who are trying to persuade people to purchase home security systems.
The calls are usually from someone purporting to be from Crime Prevention UK and there is sometimes a suggestion that the company is responding to recent crimes in the area.  In particular, the company tends to target elderly and/or vulnerable people.  If the offer is accepted the company then progresses to using “hard sell” tactics to get people to sign up to monitoring systems.
Prices quoted vary from “free” to a small selection of addresses as an advertisement for the company to £5000 – £6000 or more.  If the system is offered “free”, there is still an administration charge.
G! Security is not registered with any of the Security Industry Regulatory organisations.  Sometimes they provide a genuine police incident number to give the impression that they are authorised by the local police.  This is not the case as police never recommend specific companies as this would be totally unethical.
We would always advise people to research any system requirements for themselves and not respond to cold calling.  If a salesperson turns up at an address and refuses to leave at the residents’ request, they are committing a criminal offence and police can be contacted.
If you would like totally impartial and free advice about your home security, you can always call 101 and ask to speak with our Crime Reduction Advisor, Mike Bessent.  Mike is happy to make home visits by appointment and to give a professionally qualified assessment of security needs that is cost-effective, appropriate and realistic to individual needs.
Thank you and please feel free to pass this information on to your friends, family and neighbours.
Mole Valley Safer Neighbourhood Team

If you need to contact us in the meantime, you can reach us on 

Tel: 101

Help Surrey Police to reduce burglaries during the winter months

Surrey Police in partnership with Eagle Radio have launched a campaign aimed at helping the county’s homeowners avoid becoming victims of burglary during the winter months.
The county sees around a 33% increase in domestic burglaries between the months of October and December after the clocks have gone back and the evenings get darker.
The campaign, titled “Burglars take more than you think – Don’t make it easy for them”, includes a short film and radio adverts urging the public to protect their homes and possessions and not to make life easy for burglars.
The film features a young man, played by an actor, in a property you believe to be his own home. He’s taking a drink from the fridge and sitting on the sofa as he works from his laptop. As he prepares to go out he places the laptop in its case, gathers his “belongings” – a gold watch, mobile phone and money – and heads for the kitchen draw to collect his car keys.
As he drives off the viewer sees how he came to be in the property in the first place as he is revealed as a burglar!
A radio advertising campaign will run alongside the film featuring the views of home owners after they discover they have been burgled. Actor’s voices will portray the emotion and upset involved in having both sentimental and valuable items taken.
This campaign follows on from Surrey Police and Crimestoppers coming together to launch “Cash for information” to encourage the public to pass on information anonymously about burglars and the handling of stolen goods in return for a financial reward if an arrest and charge is made.
Temporary Detective Superintendent Maria Woodall said “As the clocks go back and it starts to get darker earlier, the number of break-ins goes up. It is known that burglars often target properties that appear to be unoccupied and therefore making sure your home looks and feels like someone is at home can be all that is needed to keep your belongings safe.
“Simple crime prevention measures can really make all the difference, such as leaving a few lights on and not having valuables in view from a window. The majority of burglars are opportunists, and if they have to make a lot of noise, spend a lot of time, or risk being seen, they are likely to go elsewhere”
Surrey Police is giving the following advice to help residents avoid becoming a victim of burglary as the winter months rapidly approach:

· Light up your house – inside and outside. If you are out or away, use timer switches to turn internal lights on and off.
· Make sure your doors are securely locked at all times.
· Close and lock all windows – burglars can wiggle through any gap larger than a human head.
· Fit locks at the top and bottom of patio doors.
· A visible burglar alarm will make a burglar think twice. Make sure you set your alarm every time you leave your house.
· Never leave garages or sheds unlocked.
· Fit and lock gates across side and back entrances.
· Be alert to strangers loitering in the street, If you don’t recognise them and they are acting suspiciously, call the police.
· Don’t hide your keys under a mat or a flowerpot – it’s the first place a burglar will look
· Keep an inventory of your valuable property, either on paper or online with a company such as
· Use a property marking product to uniquely mark valuable possessions. For more information visit
· Beware of bogus callers. Use a door chain and check the callers identity carefully. If in doubt, keep them out.
· And finally, if a burglar does get into your home handbags, wallets and car keys are rich pickings so never leave these items in view.

Jamie Robinson Force Crime Reduction & Crime Prevention Design Advisor
Central Neighbourhood Team
Surrey Police
101 ext: 36527
Surrey Police, PO Box 101, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 9PE
Surrey Police – With You, Making Surrey Safer

Police warn residents to be wary of bank card scam

Police warn residents to be wary of bank card scam

Surrey Police is warning residents about an emerging scam in which fraudsters use false pretences to try and get people’s bank cards.
The scam works by the victim initially receiving a phone call, or number of phone calls, from someone claiming to be from their bank. The caller checks the victim’s details, including asking for their pin number, then informs them that they need a new bank card. The victim is advised that someone will be visiting them shortly to collect their old card. A person, dressed to look like a courier, then arrives at the door to take the card.
Detective Sergeant Vicki Morris, who is investigating these incidents, said: “It is important that residents are aware of the tactics used by con-artists. This scam works due to the two pronged approach of first calling the victim on the phone and then visiting their property. If someone turned up at your door and asked you to hand over your bank cards, you would most likely be wary and refuse, but having someone call beforehand to warn you that a ‘courier’ will be coming can make it seem more legitimate.
I would urge householders never to give out bank details or other personal information over the phone whatever the reason behind the request. Banks would never operate in this way either by phoning or turning up out of the blue. They would write to customers and would expect them to cut up cards personally when they expired.
“This is a worrying scam which is clearly being aimed at the most vulnerable members of our community. I would urge families, friends and carers to explain to others who may be at risk what they should do to protect themselves. If at anytime a resident feels suspicious they should contact Surrey Police as soon as possible.”

Anyone with any information about either of these incidents is asked to call Surrey Police on 0845 125 2222, quoting reference MV/11/3469. Alternatively, information can be passed to Crimestoppers, anonymously and free of charge, by calling 0800 555 111.