The following is from Tim Hall who has been very much on the case for some months:

“Verbal reports from the County Jetter Crew say that
1. They have discovered a blocked Thames Water Pipe between Randalls Way and the drain that was pouring out water.   It had roots in it and may have partly collapsed.   This info has been passed on to Thames Water for further action, although, in the mean time,  the drain had stopped pouring water.   This indicates that the limited clearing by the Jetter may have afforded temporary relief.

2. Pipes and gullies near the railway bridge have been cleared and appear to be working better now.   (25/07/14).   However, there are questions about a Thames Soakaway which need to be followed up when we get the technical report and pictures.

3. They will be returning to do the area from Randalls Way to Springfield Drive in the near future.

4. Written technical reports are awaited.

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