Annual General MeetingMonday, 28th May7.30 pm in the Abraham Dixon Hall,Letherhead Institute


1. Apologies for absence
2. Minutes of 2011 AGM
3. Matter Arising from Minutes
4. Committee Report 2011/12
5. Tresaurer’s Report and Statement of Accounts
6. Election of Officers:

Chairman (currently Hubert Carr)
Vice-Chair (currently Hilary Porter)
Secretary (currently Ray Brown)
Treasurer (currently Paula Sabine)
All current officers are prepared to stand for re-election

7. Election of members of the Executive Committee

Currently Committee Members are Cheryl Allen, Ann Cardew, Caroline Brown, Flip Cargill, Fran Smith, Norma Tatham-Thompson, Ray ward. All are willing to be re-elected.
We have vacancies for up to nine more members

8. Amendment of Constitution:

that the first sentence of Clause 5 be amended to:
"An Annual General Meeting shall be held in APRIL of each year to receive the Executive Committee’s Report and audited accounts and to elect Officers and members of the Executive Committee."
Proposed by Flip Cargill; seconded by Caroline Brown

9. Motion that the Committee set up a group to consider implications regarding affiliation to Civic Voice and report back to the Association within three months.
10. (approx. 8.00 pm):
Olympic Road Cycling Road Race arrangements –
Louise Bircher (MVDC) & Surriya Subramanian (SCC)


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