An article for the Leatherhead and Ashtead Local

Dear Members,

The time is coming round for another article for the above magazine.   The closing date is the 9 Sept.   If YOU would like to write an article about something that concerns you in Leatherhead, or something you have seen or heard here, do please compose one and send it to me, the LRA secretary.   Although our town and its surrounding district is the common denominator, each person has a different slant on what goes on here and what could be interesting to others.   It needs to be between 500 and 550 words.    If this takes you by surprise and you are not quite ready now, the next deadline for me to receive something would be the 9 Oct.   I can be contacted directly from the Website (under Contacts) or you could put an article in our postbox at the Institute.

from Caroline Brown, Sec. to the LRA.

My apologies if yours is not the article chosen.

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