Agenda: Open Committee Meeting, Mon 5th November

LRA  Open Committee Meeting,  Mon 5th November, Letherhead Institute  7.30 p.m.
1. Apolgies for absence
 3. Matters arising from Minutes not covered below 
     Help Shop
 4. Correspondence:  
     Webmaster – re garden grabbing
     Caremark  midsurrey
 5. Members  Concerns
 6.   8 p.m. Guest Speaker  Headmaster Martin Collier
       from St John’s School
 7. To receive  brief  reports from:   
 8.  Previous Meetings/ Events 
     29th   – AGM Community Gardens            :
      9th CPRE – Water
    15th – Norbury Park Liason Group
    16th – Mid Surrey LINks (future of Epsom Hospital)
    17th – AGM Mary Frances Trust (Clubhouse)
    17th – Transition Bookham
    20th – De-clutter workshop
    26th – BLeAF
    29th – SEEFA
    31st _ Police Crime Commissioner Candidates at Fetcham Park House
    31st – Halloween
 9.  Notice of future Meetings & Events other members will be attending before the December  meeting:  
1stHighways Road Show 10 – 4  Entrance of Swan Centre
     7th – MVDC Development Control Committee
8th – LAP  The Leatherhead Institute
8th – ARA/MVDC – “localism” at Ashead Peace Memorial Hall.
    14th – Leatherhead & District Forum/LAP AGM ParkHouse
    15th – Election of PCC 
    17th – Fundraising Concert.
    Any other Business  (None received so far)
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