Agenda for Leatherhead Residents’ Association
Open Social Meeting
7.30 pm on 8 December 2014 at Letherhead Institute in G5

For the first 45 minutes, we would like to welcome and socialize with our guests many of whom play important roles in the community.   We also wish to thank our Road Stewards who are invaluable in keeping communication links open, especially to those without internet connection.    There will be some name labels as you come in and it would be helpful all round if, especially, our Councillors and other representatives would wear them.   There will be snacks, mulled wine and fruit juice available.

Please be seated at 8.15 pm for The Meeting.
1. Apologies for absence.
2. MVDC’s plan for Leatherhead, launched 1st Dec. 20143.
3. Leatherhead Area Partnership AGM, 3.12.14 – Report  
4. Minutes of the last LRA (Open) Meeting on 3Nov (see website for text)
5. Matters arising:
            a. Newsletter (6d)
            a. Closure of Leach Ward at Leatherhead hospital
7. Reports on current actions:    (some printed copies available)
            a. Planning
            b. Environment
            c. Forward Planning
            d. Publicity
8. AOB
            a. Consultations (MVDC service, SCC transport)
            b. Future action

9. Date of next meeting:  5thJanuary 2015 in G6, a closed committee meeting.
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