Agenda for Open Meeting 2 June 2014 at the Letherhead Institute

SLIGHT AMENDMENT:  At the suggestion of Mr. Collier, at 8.00 we shall close the meeting and walk up to St. John’s School where we will be met at the former Chapel at 8.15 and, after an explanation of the changes there, move on to their multi-media studio where the talk proper will take place.

1. Apologies:  Cllrs. Shimmin and Dickson.

2. Minutes of the last Open Meeting, i.e. February 3rd.  All on the Website, but I do have some spare copies.

3. Matters arising
        a. A local Flood Forum has been/is being set up by Tim Hall.
4. Correspondence
        a.  A couple from Mr. Roland McKinney,    questioning the number of homes available for       development over the next 5 years.
        b. A letter forwarded by Mr. and Mrs. Moyer from Mr. Mark Ambrose about the dreadful water leaks/flows in Randalls Road
        c. A letter forwarded by a Committee member from people who sit outside restaurants, pubs etc in the
High Street.   They compalin about a. speeding, b. inconsiderate parking and c. parking too early.

5. Sub-committee reports  (only outstanding items only, please)
        a. Planning – the care home mooted for Highlands Avenue  off the Headley Road
        b. Environment – the Open Gardens will be “open” next Sunday, 8th June.
        c. Highways
        d. Membership and publicity, future speakers
        e. Forward planning, Plan L etc.

6. Meetings attended.
        a. The BleAF, from which I will just mention a couple of things.

7. Future Action
        a. Ideas for the next A&L Local?   Also, the Newsletter needs to be started, so, articles, please.

8. Our invited speaker, Mr. Michael Collier of St. John’s School where changes and improvements have been being made thick and fast.

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