Agenda for Open Meeting 2 Dec 7.30 In the Institute

1. Welcome to visitors and to current members who have volunteered for extra duties.

2. Apologies for absence

3. Minutes of the last Open Meeting on 4 Nov to be approved.   (Can be viewed on our Website)

4. Matters arising – most will be dealt with in full under AOB.

5. Correspondence – mostly emails on the 4 above and will be discussed under AOB

6. Highlights from Reports from sub-groups:

       a. Highways Report

       b. Environment Report    Including remarks on Norbury Park, The Rivers Mole and Ryebrook and the Waterworks.

      c.Planning Report

      d. The Chairman will add some remarks concerning LAP and BLeAF, if not mentioned earlier.

7.    AOB At least 3 people have kindly agreed to explain one or most aspects of the Green Belt Review and  its likely impact on the MV in general.    If MV has made known any decisions by the time of our meeting, then one of the speakers below will announce them.

     a. Mr. Roland McKinney will be speaking about those (many) areas in Surrey which stand to lose some of their  non-developed parts.    He will also mention the type of Consultation being offered by Guildford and by MV and what we, the general public, can do to help or hinder.

     b. As a microcosm of Surrey in general, Leatherhead’s position will be explained by Mrs. Irene Seifert of “Save South Leatherhead.”

      c. Mrs. Flip Cargill will try to push the search for unnoticed brown field sites.

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