Agenda for LRA Open Meeting on Monday, 3rd Feb 2014

1. Apologies.

2. Minutes of last Open Meeting on 4th December 2013.

3. Matters arising– the decision to hold a further meeting..

4. Correspondence:  The Sec. has heard from a number of people regarding the meeting on 16 Jan and also from the newspapers she contacted about the meeting on Thursday, 6th.   If time allows, a description of what the Sec. sees happening at that meeting.

5. Meetings attended:

Police – (Hubert)
 Church Street discussion/meeting – (Norma)
 Barratt homes (Hubert)
Surrey Community Action (Hilary)
Elmer Treatment Plant, 2nd visit, – (Cheryl)
Surrey Hills Community Radio – (Hilary)

6. Reports from our sub-committees

b. Highways (Hubert)
7. Article for ALL

8. Newsletter, a call for articles.

9. AOB   1. Simon Ling and the sponsorship of an Independent Candidate

2. Evaluation of Help Shop
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