Adult Learners’ Week 2013 (18-24 May 2013)


Adult Learners’ Week is the biggest annual learning festival in the UK.
This year Surrey libraries will be using the festival to promote our “new look” IT learning offer. Whether you are completely new to computers or want to discover how to make the most of the internet and develop your skills there are plenty of options to help you.
Key to the offer is a range of online learning resources available through the library and from home for independent learners. Check out the free resources on our library website

For the not so confident, we offer free supported group sessions where you can:

  • Learn how to use a keyboard and mouse
  • Search online
  • Keep in touch with your family and friends using email.
 For more information about the free group sessions for beginners please ask at your local library:
If you require further help with the internet you can make an appointment with one of our volunteer Computer Buddies who can offer free individual support.
We’re also looking for volunteer Computer Buddies who can spare a small amount of time to help others learn new IT skills. Visit our library website for more information about the role of a volunteer Computer Buddy.
To find out more about our online learning opportunities, talk to a member of our library staff, call 0300 200 1001 or

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