It has been brought to our notice that Mole Valley residents are receiving telephone calls from a person stating to be from a company called National Security, or The Crime Prevention agency asking questions about home security.  Apparently they know the name of the person they are calling and sound very convincing.  Sometimes an appointment is made for the security advisor to call at the address to carry out a survey of security.

So far there have not been any crimes linked to these calls but I would ask everyone to be vigilant if you receive calls from companies asking about your home security or offering to install alarm systems.  Do not give them any personal information over the telephone and take as many details as possible about the person, or company and do some homework.  Have a look on the internet for details of the company and if possible speak to Trading Standards.  If you are interested in having an alarm installed contact one of the reputable companies.  If you feel that you would like some security advice for your home I would be pleased to do this for you in the first instance. 

DO NOT make any appointments for people to visit your home unless you are completely sure of the company and who you are talking to.


Robert Apperley

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