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 Giant litter pick

      Saturday Oct 25th

It’s our rubbish – Let’s pick it up!
    Wherever you are in the Mole Valley
   with friends, family, neighbours, or solo
       please support the LRA Litter Pick
    Gloves & litter pickers provided. Meet, The Institute 2 pm
          or clean up a patch near you
  Great prizes for 3 ‘best action’ photos (one per person)
  Send them by Oct 31st to The LRA,  c/- The Institute, High St
  Leatherhead KT22 8AH    or email: litterphotos@thecargills.org
  subject line ‘litterphotos’ (add your name address phone & email)
   This is Phase One of a five phase litter campaign initiated by the LRA
  working with many groups in the Mole Valley For info ph 01372 370 091

Anti Litter Initiative
The Leatherhead Residents Association(LRA) has  launched an anti litter campaign this autumn to continue through  2015.  This is in response to an outcry concerning the amount of litter and dog fouling to which local people are exposed during their town and country pursuits.  When the call for action came, we became aware that both SCC and MVDC have put litter and waste issues high on their list of priorities for Autumn 2014/2015.
The five phase LRA campaign will be carried out in conjunction with MVDC and representatives from organisations throughout Leatherhead:
First Phase
A giant litter pick in scheduled for 25 October-This will combine the forces of Leatherhead volunteers, targeting our wooded areas, riverside, and verges of roads on the fringes of Leatherhead leading into the town centre. We are encouraging those who cannot participate in the organised litter pick to spend a half hour on the 25th clearing an area near  their own home. We will be working with the support of MVDC who will provide collection of rubbish, pickers, gloves and sacks.   
Second Phase
In order to increase awareness of the massive problem litter causes to our planet and in light of the statistic that predicts that our landfills will be full by 2018, we will seek access to local schools via their art classes and expose the problem to fresh, young minds.  A short motivational film or slide presentation or the personal and social education programme carried out in all schools could be used to inspire the two art projects below.
A challenge will be given  to students to become involved in two kinds of art projects-
   Anti litter poster art that encourages awareness and change of behaviour, and
   Works of art made from recycled packaging and paper students collect during the Christmas season  (November or early December) The focus here is packaging and the waste it creates and over-packaging.
Third Phase
Art workshops/classes giving students the opportunity to turn their ideas into art, guided by professional artists or their teachers.
(Late January-February-March)
Fourth Phase
Selection of the best artwork from all schools to become a part of a travelling Anti Litter display. 
The display should inform and challenge the viewer to seriously consider changes in behaviour.
The display could spend time at each school, an empty High Street shop, or the Swan Centre.  (April-May)
Fifth Phase
Another Autumn litter pick (2015) to compare the quantity of litter in the areas targeted in 2014.  This is in way of noting the impact of the campaign.  Our neighbouring community, Fetcham, report to have noticed substantial reductions in successive litter picks over the years. Teazle Wood has had similar results.  Of course, we hope for the same.

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