Surrey Police January 2009

We would firstly like to take this opportunity to “wish you all the very best for the coming year, 2009”
from PC Gaynor GROUT, PC Fran DAVEY and PCSO Hermione PILBROW

Over the festive season local police officers patrolled the town centre and residential areas in uniform and in plain clothes. This proved to be a productive exercise where people who were found to be shop lifting were arrested or fined and alcohol was seized in the Drink Designation Zone where people were found to be breaching the order. Also this cover provided a visible presence of police officers to show reassurance and support in the community
As a whole police found the atmosphere to be relaxed, friendly and inviting. We were pleased to be around to meet people in the community.

It’s a New Year and we would like the opportunity to recommend various contacts, so that we can work together with local authorities to clean up, let’s get rid of unwanted cars and unsightly graffiti. Please take advantage of the services that the authorities provide and help make a difference.

  • Abandoned vehicles contact Mole Valley District Council 01306-885001
  • Graffiti e-mail Mole Valley District council on
  • Graffiti damage to BT telephone box’s call 0800661610


Distraction burglaries
There has been a spate of distraction burglaries/ unwanted visitors, calling at the homes of senior citizens, they use a variety of excuses to gain entrance and take personal items. Don’t let any strangers into your home and please keep a close eye on the vulnerable members of our community.
Stolen property
We have had reports from local stables yards, they have reported that unknown persons have entered fields and taken blankets/coats from horses and other horse related items from near by to the horse field.

If you witness any thing that you perceive to be unusual or suspicious, call for advice, inform Surrey Police 0845 125 2222.

A Panel meeting is a meeting where members of the community can come along and meet their local officers and partners. There you can find out what is happening in your area, and more importantly you have the opportunity to give your point of view or voice your concerns.
The Leatherhead South meeting is on the first Monday of every month 19:00 hours in The Institute, at the top of The High Street. Please do come along, every body is welcome.
It would be so nice to see more of the people from our Neighbourhood Watch groups and in the residential areas of Leatherhead South.

Your Local Officers:
PC Fran Davey 3239, Gaynor Grout 2056
& PCSO Hermione PILBROW 12875

Only call 999 in a genuine emergency requiring police attendance.
For all non-emergency policing matters and to speak to your local officers please call 0845 125 2222
For more information please visit our website:
Address: 27-29 Kingston Avenue, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 7HY

01306 676855


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