Surrey Police: December 2008 Newsletter

Proactive patrols
Local Police Officers will be proactively patrolling the Leatherhead area during the festive season, with a particular eye out for shop lifters. The Christmas period is approaching fast, please continue to be vigilant with regards to forged notes and card fraud, there is traditionally a rise in crimes reported at this time of year; please be on your guard.

Looking after the elderly
We have been trying to spread the word especially amongst the elderly with regards to bag and purse thefts at this time it’s perceived that people are carrying more cash on their person, which could be an encouraging factor for the opportunist thieves.

Friendly advice for you all
When you are out and about please try and keep your wallets and purses secure and also try and keep a look out for elderly shoppers who may not be as aware as others.

Look out for bike thieves
Bike thefts were a persistent problem this time last year, when bicycles were being left for short periods of time outside shop premises, secured with a lock or chain, the thieves were using tools to break the lock and steal the bikes.
If you see any thing suspicious, please call Surrey Police 0845 125 2222,
It’s very helpful if you make a note of the time and descriptions of possible offender/s.

The on going issue of people under the age of 18 years old purchasing alcohol is evident and being monitored by Surrey Police Officers and by Trading Standards. Please report any incidents of purchases made, so that we can deal with the incident appropriately. Your assistance is invaluable and most appreciated
Please be reminded that the Non-Emergency number for Surrey Police is
0845 1252222. You can get updated information from my webpage, which is normally updated at least every month, .

Have a safe Christmas and New Year”
PC 2056 Gaynor GROUT, PC 3239 Fran Davey
and PCSO Hermione PILBROW

DIRECT DIAL TEL 01306 676855


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