MVDC Press Release : Council Agree New Area Forums


Cllr S. Shardland has contacted the LRA to inform us that MVDC has changed their press Release.

Amended press releases were issued by MVDC. The differences being that there will be 4 forum a year (not monthly) and the paragraph starting “One discussion topic will be raised” is incorrect. There will be one issue put forward by the Mole Valley Executive and a local issue put forward by the Chairman of the Forum.

The first Forum is to be held on 8th September at the Leatherhead Institute in the large hall. I am hoping that someone from the Surrey PCT and a representative of the NHS will be present to update us on health issues affecting Leatherhead and Ashtead Residents. The MVDC Clerk is trying to arrange this. If you have any suggestions for future topics that you would like to discuss please let me know and I will consider all suggestions.

Original Press Release – incorrect text in orange

At their meeting on 31st July 2008, Mole Valley District Council voted in favour of creating 4 new area forums for the District.

The forums will give the community a greater opportunity to question the Council and be involved in the debate around decision making.

The District will be covered by 4 area forums; Chaired by local Councillors, each group will meet monthly to discuss 2 topics of relevance to residents in that area. The forums are as follows:

Ashtead / Leatherhead – Chairman Councillor Sylvia Sharland

Bookham / Fetcham – Chairman – Councillor Clare Curran

Dorking – Chairman – Councillor James Friend

Rural Areas – Chairman – Councillor Don Webb.

The first meeting of each Forum will be held in September or October. The Forums will be asked to consider an item of District wide significance and one which the Chairman considers to be of local importance. There will also be the opportunity for Members of Mole Valley’s Executive to update the Forum on specific issues and there will be opportunity for a Question and Answer session at each meeting.

Representatives of the Police, Surrey County Council, health organisations and other local organisations will be invited to the meetings, which will be open to the public.

One discussion topic will be raised by the Chair of the group the other by a resident or other interested party. It will be the responsibility of the Chair to report back to the Mole Valley District Council and its Executive, the outcome of each area forum discussion.

Leader of Mole Valley District Council, Councillor Jean Pearson said; “The Local Area Forums will benefit Mole Valley residents and Businesses by opening up discussions on a range of topics and making participation in the Council decision making processes more accessible. Now that we have agreed to create the 4 Area Forums and who will chair each one, Council Officers together with the four Chairmen will finalise the dates and location of the first meeting of each Forum and we will publicise this information.”


Media contacts for further information:

Arabella Davies
Democratic Services Manager

Tel: 01306 879137


Emma Wheeler
Communications and Research Officer
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