Chairman’s Diary October 2008

  • 10th World Mental Health Day Lhd Lsr.Centre Mental Health in the Workplace.
  • 11th Night Hostel Charity collection
  • 13th Leatherhead Festival committee
  • 14th AGM SAVI (Surrey Assoc. for Visually Impaired)
  • 16th & 18th LRA publicity barrow in the Swan Centre.
  • 21st Surrey 50+
  • 22nd NHS Co-design.
  • 23rd Surrey LINk – launch celebration in Woking HGWells centre.
  • 23rd Homeopathic Group (Christchurch URC)
  • 24th Leatherhead Chamber of Commerce ? Quiz Night in aid of Lhd Town Festivities.
  • 26th NHS co-design
  • 28th Help the Aged
  • 30th Surrey Coalition AGM Lhd Lsr. Centre
  • 31st Leatherhead Town Halloween Festival.

Reports when attendance is possible will be included in the newsletter.

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