Mole Valley District Council and Social Media

Yesterday I received the following from Louise Bircher of Mole Valley District Council:
I am hoping to canvass your and your residents’ views on how Mole Valley District Council uses social media please. By this I mean our website (, Twitter (@molevalleydc), Facebook (, YouTube and, more recently QR codes. We are wanting to engage with as wide range an audience as possible so, in addition to the traditional methods of magazine, leaflets, posters and information available over the telephone and face to face, we are also making use of these aforementioned social media engagement tools.

Our Twitter and YouTube accounts have been live for about six months and our followers are steadily growing. I would like to know whether or not you and your residents make use of these forms of communication and whether you find them useful? Are there other forms of social media you would like to see us using? Or could we use what we use now more effectively?

I would be most grateful if you could encourage your residents to consider this and let me have their views – perhaps through your newsletter if one is imminent or via your website or whatever means you consider appropriate…

Louise would like to collate all responses by Friday 20th May. If you have any observations please add them as comments.

Thank you.

Press: Leatherhead Advertiser 29th May 2008

LRA members managed to secure the editorial slot to voice concerns over the River Mole Project. The project run my MVDC plans to to build a 2.5m through the nature reserve close to Thorncroft Bridge, Leatherhead.

A number of letter to the editor on the proposed footpath were also published.

LRA Publicity & Marketing – Roundabout Sponsorship

In a continuation of the discussion on Publicity, I propose the following:

A number of local traffic islands (roundabouts) are sponsored by local businesses. The LRA should also consider this also. A simple sign with the logo and the web address would suffice. Currently the M25 J9 (Chessington side) has no sponsorship.

Could the Committee officer with Highways portfolio look into this? I suspect SCC Highways would be the first port of call.

Comments welcome.

LRA Publicity Material

The current media (web site & leaflets) does not really tell prospective members of the LRA what the organisation does and how it can help. Effort needs to be made to review this literate (electronic as well) with the view of attracting more locals into the Association.

The current material seems to dwell on the formation of the LRA but doesn’t really make it obvious how the Association can help and how it hopes to influence the local bodies. We should state quite clearly that the LRA monitors & comments on:

  • control of building and development
  • preservation of buildings, trees and open spaces
  • road safety and traffic matters
  • footpaths and rights of way
  • schools in our area
  • public transport
  • recreation facilities
  • law and order.

Comments from the committee welcome.