Leatherhead Safety Day: Thursday 2nd July 10.00 to 15.00hrs Leatherhead Town Centre

  1. The Safer Neighbourhood Team: The Local Police Officers giving advice on crime reduction and getting to know your local officers
  2. Neighbourhood Watch Manager Support in the Community a group of NHW Co-ordinators
  3. The Samaritans volunteers Helping people by listening and supporting
  4. Pitstop drop in centre for the homeless
  5. The Night Hostel accommodation for the homeless
  6. Victim Support supporting for victims of crime
  7. Mid Surrey Mediation help communication between neighbours to asset in resolving issues
  8. FORCETEN disability scooters and aids to help people who have disabilities get out and about
  9. Casualty Reduction Police traffic issues and road safety issues
  10. Buchanan & Curwen Security in the home and business
  11. Building Supplies security aids for the home and business
  12. Community Speed Watch and Speed Watch Volunteers
  13. RSPCA advice on health and safety for animals FREE chipping + for cats and dogs. Mole Valley Dog Warden advice on care for animals and where to take stray animals
  14. Surrey Fire & Rescue GREEN WATCH fire safety advice with fire engine
  15. Community Alarm Caroline Steel safety in the home
  16. Help Shop Mole Valley Council here to help you
  17. Citizens Advice Bureau advice services to help you
  18. Trading Standards and Consumer Direct trading advice to help you
  19. Surrey Ambulance Service an ambulance first aid advice and ambulance and a car
  20. Dyno Secure security advice and aids for the home, business and bicycles
  21. Surrey Police Vehicles van, car and bicycles Local Police Officers showing you their police vehicles

This event has been arranged to create better links between Police, Partners and people in our community

River Mole Discovery Day – Sunday 7th June

The River Mole Discovery Day will be taking place on the banks of the River Mole within the grounds of the Leatherhead Leisure Centre between 12.00 noon and 5.00 p.m. on Sunday 7th June. All events are free of charge and include demonstrations, exhibitions, guided walks, face painting story telling, competitions and much, much more.

More details on the MVDC Website

Improving Recycling Rates in Mole Valley

Mole Valley claims to have one of the highest dry recycling rate in the UK. How can this be improved further?

Here’s a simple idea.

A number of consumer items such as foil, cartons & batteries can only be recycled at the MVDC Recycling sites. Why not place small recycling bins for these items close to places that people go on a regular basis e.g outside Sainsbury’s/Lidl & Tesco? The collection bins do not have to be that big – they can be collected with other waste on a daily basis and the bins wheeled away for safe storage overnight.

Citizens of Mole Valley are far more likely to visit the Supermarket than the tip. The Recycling Sites are not that accessible if you don’t have a car. Get the supermarkets involved – after all they provide the goods in the first place – it will look good for their image also. The Plastic Bags collection bins are well used in-store and so this indicate that folks are willing to bring recyclables to the shop with them.

Health & Community (Mole Valley 50+) 28th February 2009

Mole Valley 50+ Invites Mole Valley Residents of all ages to a Public Event on:

Saturday 28th February 2009 at the Letherhead Institute 10.30am – 3.30pm

Free Admission. Refreshments available

Information on:

  • Housing
  • Finance
  • Transport
  • Credit Union
  • Carers Issues
  • Direct Payments
  • Access
  • Environment
  • NHS and Alternate & Complimentary Therapies
  • Equity Release

Click on the images below for more details.

Police Clinic

Local Police Officers will be availble for you to speak to them at the Help Shop, Leatherhead on 26th November 2008 between 11:00-13:00



Since 1932 the Residents Association has sought to protect the interests of the residents of Fetcham in a variety of ways. Originally established as a Ratepayers Association, it has diversified into many aspects of local affairs that include Planning, Highways, Recreation, Aircraft, Schools, Police Panels and Neighbourhood Watch schemes.

The history of the Association is illustrated by many major issues where developers and public utilities have sought to blanket our open spaces with buildings or to significantly interfere with our local road system but, with the support of our District Councillors, we have obtained the best compromise and have earned the respect of local authorities as being a voice of the majority.

We can look back with pride at the successful resistance to the original route of the motorway through the village and the subsequent development of the ‘Fetcham Gap’ on sympathetic lines; the preservation of the Millpond and the water meadow; the support to the refusal to develop Wisley Airfield as a commercial airport and the countless times that we have managed to restrict density of development to reasonable levels. This has often entailed representation at Public Inquiries.

However, we must constantly be vigilant as we are in a vulnerable position on the edge of the Green Belt and bounded by some of the most attractive woodland and Downs in South East England. Each year brings a new challenge and it is through the Association that householders are alerted to factors that may affect their peace and well-being.

An Executive Committee manages the Association and meets monthly to discuss matters of current interest. The decisions and recommendations are reported to General Meetings in March and October when “open house” exists for all residents to come and discuss their problems. All members of committee serve on a voluntary basis and may come from a wide variety of occupations including the legal profession, commerce, engineering and education.

Prior to the Committee meetings, on a bi-monthly basis the Association hosts the useful Fetcham Police Neighbourhood Panel where residents may raise issues of concern and put questions directly to our local officers who attend to present their report on Police activity during the previous period.

Membership of the Residents Association is open to all residents of the village of Fetcham for a modest subscription from each household and the greater the number of members, the stronger the representation. A twice-yearly Newsletter reports on the work of the Executive Committee and also serves to announce General Meetings and speakers that are invited to address the audience on matters of topical interest and concern. A team of Road Stewards supports the Committee in providing more direct contact with the members in their area, and by distributing the Newsletters and collecting annual subscriptions.

The Fetcham Residents Association is a non-political organisation whose main interest is to represent and further the interests of the residents of the village. It maintains close contact with the Councillors elected by the village to serve on the Mole Valley District and the Surrey County Councils, all of whom regularly attend both the Committee and General Meetings to better represent the views of the residents expressed via the Association.

To enquire about membership of the Association or of the Executive Committee or to ask any questions please contact the Hon. Secretary Mrs P Harrison on 01372 373313