Surrey Police: Home Security

We have noticed an increase in attemted break ins due to the unseasonably hot weather where residents are opening their windows to let in the cool air and forgetting to close them or lock back doors when they go out.
Could I ask you to impress on your neighbours the importance of ensuring that their homes are secure which means closing and locking all windows and doors when leaving the house.  Also, if you leave a window open when you go to bed please ensure that it has a locking mechanism to ensure that it cannot be opened wide enough to allow anyone to gain entry while you are asleep.
Thank you for your ongoing assistance.

Open Committee MeetingMonday 2nd April 2012Letherhead Institute 7.30 -9.00 pm


1. Apologies for absence

2. To receive the following Minutes:
     Minutes of 5th March
     Minutes of 20th March

3. Matters arising (not covered below)

4. Correspondence

5. To receive reports from:

     (a) Subcommittees
     Environment Subcommittee
     Planning Subcommittee
     Highways Subcommittee

(The newly established Publicity Subcommittee is not submitting a report)

     (b) Meetings attended by Committee Members
     Green Mole Forum Meeting (27th Feb.)
     MVDC Resilience Forum (12th March)
     Norbury Park Liaison Group (19th March)
     Meeting organised by CPRE on "Localism" (24th March)

( I have received no other reports nor notice of any other reports)

6. Notice of meetings members will be attending

7. Reminder of AGM & Olympic Presentation (May 28th)

8. Any Other Business (None received so far)



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the charges applicable in the public car parks
operated by Mole Valley District Council shall,

with effect from 10th April 2012, be as follows:

1. In the following mixed use car parks:

Reigate Road, Dorking
St Martins Walk Dorking
Station Road Leatherhead
Randalls Road Leatherhead
Church Road Leatherhead
Grove Road Ashtead

Current charge No change

60 pence for the first hour
£1.00 for up to two hours
£1.80 for up to three hours
£2.40 for up to four hours
£3.00 for up to five hours
£4.00 for up to six hours
£5.00 for up to seven hours
£6.00 for up to eight hours
£7.00 for up to nine hours
£8.00 for up to ten hours

Parking is restricted to a maximum of 3 hours at Station Road Leatherhead.

You can purchase up to 3 hours at Church Road Leatherhead and
up to 4 hours at Grove Road Ashtead or a 24 hour ticket.

Current charge Proposed charge

£5.50 for up to 24 hours £6.00 for up to 24 hours

2. In the following long term car parks:

Reigate Road Dorking, St Martins Walk Dorking, Junction Road Dorking, Church
Street Dorking, Randalls Road Leatherhead,

Station Road Leatherhead, Grove Road, Ashtead

Current charge Proposed charge
£60.00 per month £65.00 per month

3. In Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall Car Park, Ashtead:

Current charge No change

30 pence for up to 30 minutes
50 pence for up to one hour
90 pence for up to two hours
£1.70 for up to three hours
£2.40 for up to four hours
£3.00 for up to five hours
£4.00 for up to six hours
£5.00 for up to seven hours
£6.00 for up to eight hours
£7.00 for up to nine hours
£8.00 for up to ten hours

Current charge Proposed charge

£4.50 for 24 hours £5.00 for 24 hours
£50.00 per month £54.00 per month

9. The Penalty Charge:

No change

Parking Manager 12 March 2012

Surrey Police: Sheds

Don’t lose a shed load
SURREY Police is running a campaign to raise awareness of thefts from sheds and is giving advice to residents on how to protect their property from thieves.
Although you might not think your shed is worth much, when you consider the lawnmower; the bike; the power tools; the golf clubsthe tennis rackets; the ladder; and the barbeque, they all add up.
By taking a few simple measures such as marking your property and getting a shed alarm padlock you could reduce the likelihood of being targeted.
As part of the campaign Surrey Police and Eagle Radio (96.4FM) will be running three road shows; on Saturday 24 March in Guildford – Town Bridge; Saturday 31 March in Staines – High St; and Saturday 14 April in Leatherhead – High St.
For the chance to obtain a free shed alarm padlock, residents can take a photo of their shed on a phone or camera and bring it to one of the roadshows. For more details on the roadshow and security advice please
Chief Superintendent Gavin Stephens from Surrey Police Neighbourhood Command said: “In recent years we have seen a rise in thefts from sheds and garages in the lead up to the summer. This campaign aims to raise awareness and give residents practical advice in order to reduce the risk of it happening to them. The advice is simple – don’t lose a shed load, lock it and alarm it”.