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Police warn residents to be wary of bank card scam

Police warn residents to be wary of bank card scam

Surrey Police is warning residents about an emerging scam in which fraudsters use false pretences to try and get people’s bank cards.
The scam works by the victim initially receiving a phone call, or number of phone calls, from someone claiming to be from their bank. The caller checks the victim’s details, including asking for their pin number, then informs them that they need a new bank card. The victim is advised that someone will be visiting them shortly to collect their old card. A person, dressed to look like a courier, then arrives at the door to take the card.
Detective Sergeant Vicki Morris, who is investigating these incidents, said: “It is important that residents are aware of the tactics used by con-artists. This scam works due to the two pronged approach of first calling the victim on the phone and then visiting their property. If someone turned up at your door and asked you to hand over your bank cards, you would most likely be wary and refuse, but having someone call beforehand to warn you that a ‘courier’ will be coming can make it seem more legitimate.
I would urge householders never to give out bank details or other personal information over the phone whatever the reason behind the request. Banks would never operate in this way either by phoning or turning up out of the blue. They would write to customers and would expect them to cut up cards personally when they expired.
“This is a worrying scam which is clearly being aimed at the most vulnerable members of our community. I would urge families, friends and carers to explain to others who may be at risk what they should do to protect themselves. If at anytime a resident feels suspicious they should contact Surrey Police as soon as possible.”

Anyone with any information about either of these incidents is asked to call Surrey Police on 0845 125 2222, quoting reference MV/11/3469. Alternatively, information can be passed to Crimestoppers, anonymously and free of charge, by calling 0800 555 111.

Grab a compost bin for only £10!

Following on from an earlier post :

Grab a compost bin for only £10!
What: Surrey Waste Partnership’s home composting team will take their roadshow to Leatherhead Leisure Centre car park where they will be selling compost bins at the bargain price of just £10. Pick up step-by-step guides and trouble-shooting advice for free too, from our composting experts.

When: Thursday 25th August, 11.00am to 16.00pm

Context: Home composting is an essential part of Surrey’s waste minimisation campaign and has an important role to play in achieving a reduction in the amount of garden and food waste that is disposed of. Out of a total 514,000 tonnes of household waste currently produced in Surrey each year, it’s estimated that around a third could be composted which would save the county an estimated £10 million in green waste disposal costs each year. Visit

Ride The Route 4 September 2011

Ride the Route Sportive 4 September 2011
Information sheet
August 2011

Ride the Route (RTR) is a non-competitive participation cycle ride taking place on 4 September 2011 for experienced cyclists. The route follows a 65 mile circuit based on the 2012 Olympic Road Race route within Surrey only.

Frequently asked questions
Q. Is this a cycle race like the London-Surrey Cycle Classic?
No, RTR is a Sportive (sometimes called a cycle-sportive), it is not a race. Cyclists take part in this ride at their leisure. Many other Sportives take place within Surrey every year.

Q. When did you start planning this event?
We started looking at organising this event in February 2011

Q. What is the exact route?
We do not give out details of the exact route until the day. This is to allow for any safety or emergency diversions.

Q. How many riders will be taking part?
We will have a clearer idea 7 days prior to the event but currently we expect a maximum of 500.
Ride Estimated Timing:
Riders leave East Molesey
Between 6:00 – 8:00
Ride Box Hill
From 07:00 – 12:00
Riders return to East Molesey
Between 10:00 – 14:30

Q. Which roads will be closed?
RTR takes place on open roads, no roads are closed.

Q. What has been done to minimise disruption to other road users?
We have picked an early Sunday morning start when most people take a more relaxed approach to their day. The date has been changed to ensure a gap between the London-Surrey Classic and RTR. The riders set off in staggered waves rather than all in one go.

Q. Have you been in touch with the National Trust?
Yes we have permission to use their private road.

Q. How many barriers will line the route?
We will not be using barriers on open public roads, these are not needed.

Q. Why has there been a delay in getting information out to areas where the ride passes?
We have had to wait to ensure both the safety procedures and date was confirmed otherwise the information we supplied may have been incorrect.

Q. How many spectators will be on the route?
We do not expect any spectators on the route, as this is not a race.

Q. Is it open to anyone?
Due to the nature of the route and the need to ensure safety we stipulate that those entering are experienced cyclists (not beginners) and 18 years of age or over.

Q. What safety measures are in place?
Safety is of paramount importance to us. We have been working with the Police, National Trust and Local Authorities and they are fully satisfied with our safety measures. The route has been fully risk assessed and we have gone above and beyond the government guidance for this type of event. This includes:
• Sign posted route
• First Aid and Paramedic support
• Two ambulances in attendance
• Static marshals
• Moto marshals
• Mechanical support
• Ride doctor

Q. What will you be doing to stop riders causing blockages and riding in groups spanning the road?
Riders will be given printed information to ensure they respect other road users and reminded that they must ride in accordance with the Highway Code. They will also be briefed before they set off to ensure they have received this information both in written and verbal format. We will highlight the more challenging parts of the route.
We will have static marshals and members of the National Escort Group (Moto marshals) that will help regulate the riders.

Q. When will the signage go up?
We will be using temporary signage. This will be in place before the ride starts and will be removed in sequence after the last rider has left the start point.

Q. The riders have timing chips surely you are encouraging them to race?
Not at all, it is essential we can identify riders in case of an accident and that we know that they have set off and returned to the start/finish point. In addition we have marshals who will be instructing riders to slow their speed at certain points if necessary.

Q. How are you helping areas that already see an increase in cyclists?
Anyone can legally ride a bike on an open road. Ride the Route offers a safe regulated platform for those who may already be thinking about following this route. 84% of current cyclists signed up to ride are local to the areas this ride passes.

Q. Who do I get in touch with if I have a question?
This event is organised by Active Surrey. Active Surrey is the Sport England funded strategic lead sports development agency for Surrey (hosted by Surrey County Council).
Please email or
Tel. 01483 518944

Surrey CC Composting Event

From the comms department at Surrey Council Council:

“Our composting team are holding a bargain bin sale 25th August in Leatherhead (£10 only!)”

No more details at the moment.

Watch out, watch out –  Mrs Wu is about!

I’ve just got back from holiday and find I have a letter from a Mrs. Grace Wu, who describes herself as a private investment banker. She tells me that somone with my surname instructed her to lodge $21 Million in some Chinese bank to be used for an investment in some business or other; and these funds were invested and have increased in value.

Several years later the Bank reported to her that the funds remained untouched and when she investigated further it turned out that the investor had only gone and got himself killed in a hiking accident in mainland China. Not only that – he died intestate and now Mrs. Wu wants to do a deal with me so that she and I can share these unclaimed million of dollars!!

Wahoooo!! I’m in the money – I’m in the money!!

Well, no, not exactly. She tells me that to save her getting into trouble all of this must remain confidential and I mustn’t tell anyone about it – not even you who are reading this.

But I am telling you this because it is a scam. If you get such a letter, do NOT reply to it! Once she (if, indeed, it is a she at all) has your bank details you will be cleaned out of all the money in your bank account.

A quick look on the Internet will soon reveal many people with "the same surname" as you, and you and you have also invested $21 Million in some Chinese bank and died intestate, having died in a hiking accident in Mainland China (obviously a dangerous place to go hiking!).

The sad thing about these scam letters (and emails) is that these criminals work on the numbers game – if they send out enough of this drivel there will always be some gullible soul out there that will be taken in and will lose their hard earned cash to these vermin. Don’t let it be you – and please warn your friends about this.