LRA Christmas Social

The next meeting of the Association is on Monday, 6th December.

As in previous years, this meeting will be a social evening at which members may meet other members, LRA committee members and local Councillors and chat over mince pies, mulled wine and other Christmas fare. Members of local neighbourhood police will, we understand, also drop in when they can.

All members are cordially invited.

Advance notice:
the first meeting of 2011 will be on Monday 10th January (the 3rd is a public holiday).

M25 Improvements Junction 9-10 Update

Following on from this post the Highways Agency has updated the HA Website with this information. 
In summary:

: As part of the scheme, existing electronic lane control signing will be upgraded and replaced with more modern information signs and variable mandatory speed limit signs.  Many of the existing gantries will be adapted to accommodate the new equipment and some new gantries installed to provide better visibility of the speed limits when they are displayed.  This project will extend the current variable speed limit control operating between J10 and J16 and will be installed on both carriageways.  When the scheme is finished, drivers will benefit from improved journey reliability, safer driving conditions and reduced driver stress.  The system is also beneficial to the environment with recuced levels of vehicle emissions. Estimated completion is for the end of 2011.

Repairs to Footbridge from Ashtead to Leatherhead over M25 & A24

From Surrey County Council:

Regarding providing illumination for the footbridge above the Leatherhead-by-pass, we are not in a position to install new lighting due to restrained budget at present. Further information will be available in the next couple of weeks on our website concerning additional street lights. Please visit:

We notice surface conditions of the footbridge is deteriorating. Repair has been scheduled on 2 December between 7p.m. until 6 a.m. the following day. Please be aware the footbridge will be closed during operation.

Message from Mole Valley Neighbourhood Inspector, Terri Poulton

Dear All,

I would like to let you know that there will be some staff moves within the Mole Valley Safer Neighbourhood Team in the New Year. Continuity is very important and the officers moving have all been in their posts for several years. I have to balance continuity with individual officers wishes to develop either by taking on the challenges of a new area or towards promotion. I feel it is important to explain that these moves are not management led but are taking place in order that I can retain all three officers who are, in my view excellent NSOs and assests to Mole Valley whilst satisfying some of their needs in relation to career development.

PC 2188 Chris Lewis will be moving to the Leatherhead town to work alongside PC 2056 Gaynor Grout.

PC 2175 Jason Woods will be moving to cover the Goodwyns,Chartdowns and North Holmwood area.

PC 3239 Fran Davey will be moving to Ashtead

There will be handover periods, the officers are already attending adhoc key meetings on their new areas and Fran will work alongside Jason and then Jason alongside Chris for one month. Finally Chris will join Gaynor in Leatherhead. It is anticipated that the moves will be completed by March 2011.

Sadly we will be loosing PCSO Pete Yard from Goodwyns. Pete has an injury which necessitates him being redeployed to a role which means less walking. I am extremely proud of Pete’s achievements within the community and we will be very sad to see him go. In the short term he remains with the team supporting Chris, Lisa and his area from the office. I am working closely with the Force PCSO Manager to secure a suitable replacement.

PCSO Aimee Lucas from the Dorking rural East team is expecting a baby and remains on protected duties until March when she will go onto maternity leave. Aimee continues to support Dom and Ivor from the office and also at engagement events and panel meetings.

Unfortunately PCSO Clive Hudson from the Dorking town team remains on long term sick leave, I know that Clive is missing work and keen to get back. I don’t expect to have Clive back and on full duties for some months to come.

PC 2987 Jo Dootson from the Dorking Rural West team will return from maternity leave in January 2011.

PS Rundle and I are very aware that PCSO visibility and resilience is challenging for the teams that work from Dorking although across Mole Valley we are well staffed and where a need arises we will pull resources from other areas to assist.

If you have any questions or concerns please do contact me,

Kind Regards