Open Meeting – Monday, 7th June, in the Letherhead Institute at 7.30 pm

Note: start time of meetings is now 7.30 pm

1. Apologies for Absence

2. Minutes of meeting on 12th April.1

3. Matters Arising from the Minutes


Special Guest speakers
Patrick McCord
Simon Woodhams

present an update on:
The Leatherhead Community Garden

5. Reports from sub Groups:
    a) Membership
    b) Planning
    c) Highways

6. Summer Newsletter

7. Any Other Business

1Note: it is the April minutes we have to approve. The meeting last month was the AGM – and those minutes will be presented to the AGM next year. The April minutes have not yet been presented to any meeting for approval.

Halow Project Fundraising EventJune 18th

Our Treasurer has asked that this message from Jackie Cookson, one of our Road Stewards, be placed on our Blog:

Hello Everyone,
Just want to let you all know about a forthcoming fundraising event for the Halow Project on the 18th June at Coverwood, Surrey……..
We are very lucky to have Derek Paravicini performing for us, Derek is blind and autistic, but despite (or maybe because of) his learning disabilities is a musical genius, there is a lot of footage of him on YouTube, take a look, you’ll be amazed!
Really hope you will be able to join us as I’m sure it will be a wonderful evening. I’d be really grateful if you would pass the information to everyone you think may be interested as we have a lot of tickets to sell, …….
Many thanks and please try and come. Bring a group of friends !


(There was, apparently, a flyer with the email, but I do not have a copy of. All the information, however, is on the web-site.)

Annual General MeetingMonday, 10th May 2010 Leatherhead Institute at 7.00 pm


1. Apologies for absence
2. Police report
3. Minutes of the AGM held on 2nd March 2009
4. Matters arising from the Minutes.
5. Chairman’s Report
6. Treasurer’s Report
7. Election of Officers: Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary

Current officers are: Hubert Carr, Hilary Porter, Paula Sabine, Ray Brown)

8. Election of Committee Members

(Currently attending members: Cheryl Allen, Fran Barnby-Smith, Caroline Brown.
To be constitutional we need at least eight committee members.)

9. Reports from sub-groups:

(a) Membership
(b) Planning
(c) Highways

10. Summer Newsletter
12. Any Other Business.

a). The minutes for last year’s AGM can be found by clicking on ‘Meetings’ in menu at the top right to go the Meeting page; then scroll down on the drop-down menu to March 2009.
b). In response to the questionnaire in the Newsletter, we will be starting meetings at 7.30 pm from June onwards. If you cannot make the 7.00 start on May 10th, you can arrive at 7.30 for the main part of the meeting which follows the police report.